Monday, June 28, 2010

Major League Baseball Back To Normal

Ahh, the end of June and the end of the most abominable time in the major league baseball calendar.
Interleague play.
Most of June is dedicated to interleague play. That is when teams from the National League, the real league, play their minor league counterparts, the American League. And vice-versa.
This is the brainchild of the major league "commissioner", Bud Selig.
Back in the 1990s as he and fellow owners colluded to ruin baseball by not playing a World Series, Mr. Selig had this idea.
And believe me folks, it was a truly crappy idea.
It was to redraw major league baseball. It was to essentially end the National and American leagues as we still know them. Teams would have switched leagues and it would be more like the National Football League was when it absorbed the American Football League teams in the late 60s.
Fans rightfully revolted and Mr. Selig could only switch the team he owned, the Milwaukee Brewers, to the National League. But, Mr. Selig had an even worse idea after he moved his Brewers (he was the owner at the time).
Interleague play.
It is meaningless to the real baseball fan. It is a scam that "creates" rivalries.
Folks, rivalries begin for many reasons. None can be fabricated the way that interleague play is supposed to do.
Oh, and the only major league owner to vote against this truly Satanic act was a real baseball man.
That was the former Texas Ranger owner, one George W. Bush.
Now, as I listen to the Dodgers play the hated Giants, all is well until the real interleague play begins. In the World Series in October.

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