Sunday, June 20, 2010

Even The Establishment Realizes It Is A Republican, Not Anti-Establishment Election

This post by Stuart Rothenberg is proof positive that the message is finally getting through to the mainstream of the United States.
That the up coming mid-term election is a Republican wave and not just an anti-incumbent election.
The headline alone notes that Mr. Rothenberg is at the very least disdainful of the anti-incumbent meme.
But go further into the post.
Mr. Rothenberg notes incumbents that have won their primary challenges.
Here are just a few incumbents that won their primaries:

Republican Mike Crapo had 79% of the vote for his senate reelection bid.
Sen. Jim DeMint, Republican from South Carolina had some opposition yet eked out a win with 83% of the Republican vote.
Alabama Republican veteran senator Richard Shelby received 84% of the Republican vote.

Just in case you thought this was limited to Republicans, there is a strong Democrat example.
Our illustrious Democrat Diva, Sen. Barbara Ma'am Boxer. She received 80% of the Democrat vote.
And some such as Sens. Charles Grassley (R-Ia) and Sen. John Thune (R-SD) had no primary opponents.
And go further to near the end of Mr. Rothenberg's post.
The crux is who is really energized for this election. And, according to Mr. Rothenberg that clearly belongs to conservatives and Republicans. Regrettably, Mr. Rothenberg describes these voters as angry. But, the point is that the angry voter shows up for these elections. And this time around, the conservatives and Republicans are the ones that are mobilized. And these are Mr. Rothenberg's words:

"Ultimately, 2010 will be remembered as a Republican wave election, not an anti-incumbent year."

The signs are out there. Yet there are still supporters of the Dear Leader, President Obama and his supporters that really seem to believe their own hype. That the economy will somehow dramatically improve by election time. That people do like the Dear Leader, President Obama. Somehow, that will transcend down to the candidates.
None of that optimism will happen and Team Obama will more than likely be facing a very Republican congress.
Even a mainstreamer like Stuart Rothenberg is getting that message.

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