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Support Nikki Haley For GOP Nod For Governor In South Carolina; Or What Is In The Water In South Carolina

Do you remember the old Rocky And Bullwinkle show? When at the end of each episode, the narrator gave two titles to the next episode. One real and one alternate, funnier tittle.
That is what is going on in South Carolina in regards to the Republican primary for governor.
The leading candidate is Nikki Haley. A member of the state legislature, she is supported by Tea Party activists, former Alaska governor, Sarah Palin and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. Mrs. Haley is running against the current lieutenant governor, Andre Bauer, current congressman J. Gresham Barrett (why would he go by Gresham when his first name is James?!), and the current attorney general, Henry McMaster.
Yes, it is a crowded field. And Mrs. Haley has an average lead of 16.3% according to the Real Clear Politics cumulative average.
So, it would be understandable that someone mired in the lower rungs of the polling would come up with something to try knock Mrs. Haley off of her perch.
Well, there have been three events that tend to make me ashamed to be a Republican.
It started when a blogger who once worked for current governor and gigolo Mark Sanford, Will Folks, wrote that he had a sexual relationship with Mrs. Haley. Yes, with Mrs. Haley. Oh, and Mr. Folks has supported Mrs. Haley.
Good Lord, I can not make this crap up. No matter how hard I would try.
And, Mr. Folks kept digging deeper in the dung pile as Mrs. and Mr. Haley denied the alleged affair.
But, just to add insult to injury, another douchebag crawled up from the dung pile.
This loser is Larry Marchant. A one-time lobbyist and a now former member of Mr. Bauer's team, he claims not to just inappropriate physical contact as has Mr. Folks. Nah, just a one-nighter while both were in Utah.
Mrs. Haley is a married, mother of two children. I am sure that they just love hearing that their mom is the MILF* of the South Carolina statehouse. At least that is what these two losers are implying.
But, it does not stop there. Oooh boy, it just gets better.
Nikki Haley is the former Nimrata Randhawa. Hmm, I guess it is a funny sounding name in South Carolina. Well, that is because Mrs. Haley is, wait a minute, a Indian-American. And worse her family are Sikhs, a religion from India.
No matter that Mrs. Haley was born in South Carolina. No matter that Mrs. Haley is a Christian and married her husband, Michael Haley, in Methodist church service. Hell, it makes no difference that Mrs. Haley serves on the board at her local Methodist church, Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church. Now, in her Wikipedia entry, it does say that Mrs. Haley attends both Sikh and Methodist services. Well, I am a Protestant Christian yet I have attended Roman Catholic services. Never take communion as I will not disrespect their belief that only Roman Catholic's should take Holy Communion. But the point is so what?
Well, that is enough for some of her opponents to question whether Mrs. Haley is really a Christian or not.
That line of attack is being led by the J. Gresham Barrett campaign. Because after all, James is a good Christian. And he just wants people to know that because maybe Mrs. Haley attends Sikh religious services, she may not be that Christian she is cracked-up to be. No matter that maybe her family has not converted to Christianity. That maybe she attends the Sikh services to respect her parents. HA! She is a closet dagger-handler! And us Christians better look out for her. Heyuck! yuck! yuck!
But the topper of the anger towards Mrs. Haley comes from this neanderthal who has been elected a state senator in South Carolina.
His name is Don, er Jake Knotts. "Sen." Knotts gave us this pearl of wisdom on an internet political show:

“We already got one raghead (the Dear Leader, President Obama) in the White House, we don’t need a raghead in the governor’s mansion.”

WOW! This Knotts guy is a genius. A f---ing genius!
A little bit of defending the Dear Leader, President Obama, here.
President Obama says that he is a Christian. I believe that he is. A misguided one, but a Christian. Because until he denies that he was baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and renouces the faith, he is a brother in Christ as I am. Also, the Dear Leader's father was from Kenya. In Africa. Not Arabia. Get that straight, Knotts.
As far as Mrs. Haley, Sikh men do wear turbans. But last I checked, it is for nothing more than religious reasons. Oh, also, Sikhs are not at war with the West or Jews and Christians.
Why is that relevant?
Well, Sen. Knucklehed, er Knotts, continued:

“She’s a raghead that’s ashamed of her religion trying to hide it behind being Methodist for political reasons. . . .“This is Jakie Knotts trying to let the people know . . .“This isn’t the first time I’ve said it . . . I’m not on a crusade to downgrade her, but if someone asks me I’ll tell ‘em. And look here, someone wants to vote for her knowing the truth, vote for her. . . .“We need a good Christian to be our governor. . . She’s hiding her religion. She ought to be proud of it. I’m proud of my god.”

Hmm, funny. When I look to see what religion "Sen." Knotts is, I can not find it. Hell, in the last link, look at "Religion" and it is a blank as "Sen." Knotts face is.
And who does "Sen." Knucklehead, er K n o t t s, support for governor?
Andre Bauer.
Mrs. Right View From The Left Coast, Scout the Wonder Dog and I visited South Carolina last year. We loved it. The food, the people and the hospitality. I know that there are good people in the state. Really, there are. But, there are some douchebags. And, unfortunately, some in in elected office.
Nikki Haley is solid on the issues and has a great deal of support. She needs to not just win the Republican nomination for governor but win big. The people of South Carolina deserve better than what they have gotten from these candidates that will do anything to bring Mrs. Haley down.
To my friends in South Carolina, vote for Nikki Haley!
And, check what's wrong with the water down there!

*MILF-Mom I Like To F---

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Anonymous said...

I am a Sikh girl. My father is an Indian Sikh and my mom was a Catholic who converted to Sikhism when she got married.

I think that she is a disgrace both to her heritage and to her family. Cheated on her husband (at least once), and is "proud" to accept Sarah Palin's endorsement ? The same Sarah Palin whose rallies in 2008 used to have plenty of racist types yelling their heads off on camera ?

Her religion, Methodist or Sikh, is her business. Obviously, she would have to come across as a Methodist, because "ragheads" like my brother are unlikely to stay physically unhurt in certain parts of the racist Republican South, let alone get elected. But someone of her descent should have thought twice before joining a right wing retard like Palin.