Thursday, June 17, 2010

Los Angeles Lakers Win 16th NBA Title!

The Los Angeles Lakers put the Boston Celtics out of their misery tonight and won their 16th National Basketball Assiociation title besting their bitter rivals, 83-79 at the Staples Center.
The Lakers were down at halftime, and did not start the second half all that well.
But in the fourth quarter, the Lakers woke up and decided hey, we want to win this thing.
One thing that this game proved is an old NBA adage.
That you can miss most of the game and watch the last two minutes and that is the most exciting part of the game.
True that for this game.
And this breaks a really bad streak.
In four previous game sevens between the two storied rivals, the Celtics won all four and the championship.
Until tonight.
Now, all I ask is that the Laker "fans" celebrate but show some class and respect.
Is that too much to ask?!
For the Boston Celtics, it is wait until next year.
For the Los Angeles Lakers, time to celebrate!

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