Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Weigel Affair And The Reality That The Obamawhore Media Really Do NOT Want To Cover Conservatives

It should become clear to many Obamawhore media watchers, but what the Dave Weigel Affair should prove beyond a doubt is this.
That the aforementioned Obamawhore media does not want to cover and or take conservatives seriously.
A little background.
The Washington Post earlier this year hired Dave Weigel to be its conservative "beat writer and blogger." Sounds great for conservatives, doesn't it?
Except that Mr. Weigel really has had no credentials among mainstream conservatives. At best, Mr. Weigel is a libertarian and a shaky one at that.
Well, some of Mr. Weigel's work at The Post should confirm that thinking to be correct. Some of his work included stories about the so-called "birther" movement, talking about fringies of the conservative movement and trying to make them appear as the mainstream of conservative thought.
But it what Mr. Weigel and roughly 400 fellow-travelling leftist "journalists" wrote at the now defunct JornoList that proved those of us suspicious correct.
The Daily Caller was the recipient of leaked e-mail correspondence between Mr. Weigel and fellow-travellers at JournoList.
Before sharing some of Mr. Weigel's whining, I want to make one thing very clear.
I do not think that The Washington Post or any other publication needs to put a rah-rah person covering conservatives. But it would be nice to have someone that at the very least respects conservatives and does not trash-talk them behind their back.
And that is what Mr. Weigel did. And boy, did he ever.
Mr. Weigel's view of the Tea Party movement was one of sheer boredom:

“Honestly, it’s been tough to find fresh angles sometimes–how many times can I report that these [tea party] activists are joyfully signing up with the agenda of discredited right-winger X and discredited right-wing group Y?”

OK, how about Marco Rubio? Nikki Haley? Tim Scott? Scott Brown? Rand Paul? Sharron Angle?
Are these the people that Tea Partiers have "signed on" to that have a discredited agenda and connected to a discredited group? No, not at all. But, that is the ranting of the conservative "beat writer" at the Washington Post.
But some of Mr. Weigel's other implications of conservatives are slanderous at best and easily discredited.
Mr. Weigel claims that conservatives are, among other things, racists, violent and trying to protect White privilige.
Again, may I point this out to Mr. Weigel?
Of the six names I mentioned, Mr. Rubio is Cuban-American. Mrs. Haley is Indian-American. Mr. Scott is Black. Two of the four, Mrs. Haley and Mrs. Angle are women.
As the television pitcher says in the latest infomercial, but wait! There's more!
Mr. Weigel serves up this whopper:

“There’s also the fact that neither the pundits, nor possibly the Republicans, will be punished for their crazy outbursts of racism. Newt Gingrich is an amoral blowhard who resigned in disgrace, and Pat Buchanan is an anti-Semite who was drummed out of the movement by William F. Buckley. Both are now polluting my inbox and TV with their bellowing and minority-bashing. They’re never going to go away or be deprived of their soapboxes.”

Wow! Where to begin?
First, Mr. Gingrich is one of the most brilliant thinkers on the scene today. You may not like his politics and yes, he resigned as Speaker of the House. But to call Mr. Gingrich a blowhard is shallow and shows Mr. Weigel just does not like conservatives.
Second, Pat Buchanan? How many times do I have to say this. Mr. Buchanan is no longer a credible conservative. He did that to himself. And he is the token conservative along with Joe Scarborough at the little-watched MSNBC.
But, Mr. Weigel went after Matt Drudge.
Again, you do not have to like Mr. Drudge, but the reason there is so much animus against him is that he exposed the Clinton affair with Monica Lewinsky. And the left has never forgiven him for that. And please, The Drudge Report is not like the Puffington Post. It essentially links very mainstream sources for news. There is no bloviating from Mr. Drudge as there is from Queen Arianna over at her Puffington Post.
Oh yes, how long has Arianna been divorced from her bi-sexual former husband, Michael Huffington? Can't she now use her maiden name since she has rejected her conservative politics of the 90s? In case you did not know, Arianna's maiden name is Stassinopoulos.
Back to point.
How can conservatives still defend this guy Weigel? Many, including a blogger that I really respect, The Other McCain, feel that Mr. Weigel was an A-OK guy. Why? FTR, some of the National Review folks had nice things to say about Mr. Weigel. They include Jim Geraghty, Mr. Campaign Spot, Jonah Goldberg, John J. Miller.
Again, why is there some defense of this guy?
Really what it comes down to is that this is how the old network thought. Any coverage is good. Because the media is so hopelessly left-wing, any crumbs we will take.
Sorry, wrong thinking.
If The Washington Post really wanted someone that can cover conservatives objectively, maybe they could have snagged Byron York or David Freddoso from the Washington Examiner.
But, they really do not want genuine coverage of conservatives. They want to treat us as some kind of anomaly rather than the leading mainstream movement of the majority of Americans.
This post by Daniel Halper over at The Weekly Standard gets to the heart of the matter.
And for JournoList, it proves the conspiracy crowd may be on to something. About 400 lefties writing to each other about how they will cover the news.
When the Obamawhore media wants to get serious about covering mainstream conservatives and mainstream conservatism, they will look for those that know first hand. And respect those on the right.
Until then, the best we have is Dave Weigel. And that is not good enough.

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