Thursday, October 02, 2008

Another Assault On Term Limits

New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, thinks that the city can not function without his stellar leadership. He thinks so much of himself that he wants the New York City city council to scrap the term limit law that would mean he would have to leave office next year.
And you know the reason why Mayor Mike wants to run for a third, four year term? Because only he can shepherd the city through the the financial meltdown mess.
The only reason that Mr. Bloomberg became mayor in the first place was on the back of former mayor Rudy Giuliani.
Because Mr. Bloomberg ran as a Republican and with the blessing of the then wildly popular Mayor Giuliani. It was right after the terror attacks of 9/11.
It was also very well known that Mr. Bloomberg was a liberal and a Democrat. But, Mr. Bloomberg ran ever so little to the right enough to gain the trust of a shaken city brought to its knees by Islamofacist terrorists.
But, since Mr. Bloomberg became mayor, he left the Republican party to become an "independent". This was all from a life long Democrat.
Of course he is lining up the support of the left of New York City. The city council president, Christine Quinn, New York governor and Democrat David Patterson and the like. Oh, and of course a couple of Wall Street types led by Goldman Sachs CEO, Lloyd Blankhein.
Goldman Sachs? Who is one who is from Goldman Sachs? Oh yes, the Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson. The man who is trying to get the United States out of the credit mess that we are in. Oh, and he wants to have a $700,000,000 blank check. And why has Goldman Sachs been able to survive this mess? Hmm, because they are Democrat heavy?
Hey, just throwing that out there.
No, the financial mess is not a reason for a mayor or anyone to try to get another term in office.
The people of New York City want and like term limits. It is how there is new blood and leadership. It is there for exactly this reason. To keep politicians from thinking that they are oh so powerful that they, and only they, can lead to the promised land.
I hope that the New York City city council rebuffs this blatant power grab. It is time for Mayor Mike to slither off the stage and let some new leadership come in. I am certain that they would be able to handle any situation. And it will be the voters of New York City that should make this choice.

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Anonymous said...

The likes of Bloomberg and his friends have permeated New York since the Irish moved to lower Manhattan at the turn of the Century. Everyone in my old neighborhood was a life long Democrat. My first job with the post office came from a Union leader neighborhood steward, my aunt. After using her language to write a letter to a borough President, I got a letter from the post office to report to work. That City is "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine". Now one has ever looked for the City to be any different. Progressive thinkers I kept out of the loop. Boston and half a dozen other Cities are just the same in the East coast. If you can't join them you have to leave them. The entire City is of the same mind set, when it comes to politics. Bloomberg won't be elected for a 3rd. term, there is another Demigod sitting int he wings, there always is.