Monday, October 27, 2008

Dean Barnett 1967-2008

Today, the world lost a real gentleman in blogger and fill-in radio talk-show host Dean Barnett as he finally went to the glory and gave up the fight against the insidious disease he had, cystic fibrosis.
Mr. Barnett died this morning.
Like almost everyone here in the blogging community, we almost never meet, but feel like we really know each other through our blogs. That is the way I felt with Mr. Barnett. No, Dean. He would not care for the formality.
It was reading him along with Hugh Hewitt that got me interested in blogging. And, we did comment on each others work on a rare occasion when I would comment on his own Soxblog or on Hugh Hewitt's blog. And every so often, he would write back.
I will comment on this later in more detail, but I will leave you with this.
I recently lost a friend from my church who also suffered from this horrible cystic fibrosis. And, I want to let you know what I have learned from both my friend from church and my inspiration in the blogosphere, Dean Barnett.
May you be at peace with God, my friend!

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