Saturday, October 04, 2008

Palin Packs The House!

The Republican vice-presidential nominee, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, made a campaign stop today here in the Bluest part of Southern California and packed the house at the Home Depot Center in Compton.

Sure, one would wonder why would Gov. Palin come here in a state that should be an easy one for the Democrat presidential ticket of Sen. Messiah Barack Obama and Sen. Blowhard Joe Biden. Especially after Team McCain decided to scale back in Michigan.

Two things come to mind.

One, money. Gov. Palin also is attending fundraisers in Orange County-the deep Red part of Southern California-and in Northern California. Even though it is more than likely that the Republican ticket will not win California, they need to wake up the Republican giant down the ticket. And, without a doubt, Gov. Palin's visit has done just that.

Secondly, Sen. McCain said that he would try to win in the West. The whole west. And, this is part of that strategy.
Does Team McCain have any chance in Oregon? Washington? And, really, California? Yes, yes and maybe yes.

Oregon is a good state that can flip to the McCain side. It has been reliably Democrat in recent elections, but growing suburbs around Portland and the exurbs do give Republicans some faint hope.

Washington is in the same situation. There is Seattle-Tacoma and the rest of Washington. And the rest of Washington is reliably Republican. The question is will the reliable Republican areas be enough to offset the Seattle-Tacoma Democrat machines? Quite possibly since here too, the Maverick image of Sen. John "F--- You" McCain can be to his advantage.

Now, I have been saying that California should not be taken advantage of by the Democrats and ignored by Republicans.

There is no question, Sen. Messiah Barack is going to win very handly in Los Angeles county. But, Sen. "F--- You" McCain should swamp Sen. Messiah Barack easily in Orange and Riverside counties. San Bernardino maybe tough, but they have a great local party chief that will make a huge GOTV effort. Ventura county will go for Sen. "F--- You" McCain. Then there is the spine of California. Basically, it is Interstate 5. It is the heart of Red California and it is full of medium size cities like Bakersfield, Fresno, Sacramento and Redding. Other than Sacramento county, it is very much Johnny Mac country. And of course there is the very liberal Bay Area. Forget about any attempt to get anywhere there. It appears that the liberal majority has a stranglehold that not even some one like Sen. "F--- You" McCain can overcome. It is where Sen. Messiah Barack will get a huge amount of the vote here in California.

And while California is reliably Democrat in recent elections, it has not gone over 55% of the vote for the Democrat candidates, former president, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, twice, Al Bore, John Kerry.

So, there is a faint hope that this ticket can make a breakthrough.

And that is one of the reasons Gov. Palin made a trip to Blue California. And, she packed them in as you see in the pictures.


Rightwingsnarkle said...

Well, then, I'm sure you'll appreciate my most recent post.

Righty64 said...

So, I went to your post and WOW! You are such an intellectual powerhouse! I mean, you just know what you are talking about. NOT! You know, the more I see of you the more I realize that you are but a pathetic soul. You really have a great deal of hostility. Hey, I am GLAD you are on the other side. You are a real fringe individual. Oh, one more thing. You keep railing about 28%. Well, at least get your facts straight. That is President Bush's APPROVAL numbers. You are insane if you really think that 72% of Americans are going to vote for Sen. Messiah Barack! A lot of those that do not like President Bush are least interested in Sen. McCain. And, I will be the first to admit it.If Sen. St. Hillary were the Democrat nominee, she would be WAY ahead. Oh, and even SHE is a better candidate than Messiah Barack.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

So, you can tell everything about a person on the basis of some blog posts, eh?

That's an amazing power for you to have. Please use that power only for good and never for evil.


I know you pretty much come across as a garden variety wingnut, but I've had the sense that there's a little more to you than just that.

Maybe I was wrong.

Anywhoozle, my references to the 28% lunatic fringe is indeed based on Mr. Bush's abysmal approval ratings (and 28% is actually pretty generous).

There will always be a group of people, about 1/4 or so, give or take, who will, despite all available evidence, follow folks like Mr. Bush anywhere and everywhere, even right off the edge of a cliff.

They're just not capable of anything else. They do what they're told. They can't think for themselves. They're rightwing authoritarian followers - wingnuts.

You can't talk with them, you can't reason with them. They can't change their minds, they won't adapt based on new evidence.

Hell, evidence means nothing to them.

Just as Jesus once said, "There will be poor always," so, too, will there always be wingnuts.

No, Obama won't pick up 72% of the popular vote. That's not what I'm suggesting.

But I'm cautiously optimistic that his electoral support will be broader and deeper than any recent candidate - the electoral college numbers will be hugely in his favor.

Nate Silver has Obama at just under 340 mean EV's on his latest simulations. The Supetracker projections there show him up by 6%, and his win percentage on the latest 10,000 simulations is over 84%.

Mad Jack's got a tough nut to crack, pretty close to impossible at this point, and his appeals to the wingnut base isn't gonna generate any meaningful return (since that base is, as I've pointed out, only about 28% of available voters).

It's really pretty ironic, since Obama's one of the few politicians around who'll actually pay some attention to that fringe. Not by pandering to them, as Mad Jack does so shamelessly, but by actually asking what they think, and listening to what they have to say.

Oh, well, the earth will continue turning for a while longer, and the sun will rise and fall.

It will be nice to have some grownups around to run the show.

BTW, looks like you've decided not to let some of my recent comments through.

As I said, I had the impression that you were a little more tolerant than the average wingnut, less eager to block or delete. less likely to foam at the mouth.

But maybe everybody's got a limit, eh?

Rock on, dude.

DoorHold said...

In retrospect, it seems all the MSM saw at those rallys were angry conservatives.