Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can We Really Have A Violent Election?

This piece in The Hill newspaper concerning election day is very disturbing.
The fact that we are facing the potential of violence on election day is something that I have never thought about before.
What the article did was say that the violence could occur if the Democrat presidential nominee, Sen. Messiah Barack Obama wins or loses the election.
That is just mind bending.
Has this election so deteriorated that people will resort to violence? I would like to think that we are a mature enough nation that we would not resort to such activities.
But, a lot of police departments are worried and trying to figure out how to have a strong police presence in some minority neighborhoods and not intimidate voters.
I can not believe that I am reading this, but it has become a reality.
Are we this close to becoming no better than some third-world banana republic?
I do not think so. I like to think that the American people, no matter who we are for in the upcoming presidential election, will be mature enough to accept the results. And if indeed Sen. Messiah Barack does win the election, that while many will be happy, it will be a bad act to resort to violence to celebrate.
It would behoove both Sen. Messiah Barack and Republican standard-bearer Sen. John "F--- You" McCain to speak out in some kind of joint statement telling all Americans that there is no room for violence in the election.
If these two can not even get to a point of having a joint statement regarding potential election violence, than we will deserve what we get.
Let us hope that the election is glitch and violence free.

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DoorHold said...

"Has this election so deteriorated that people will resort to violence?"

It's not the election, it's society:

Your team loses? Riot. Your team wins? Riot.

He's guilty? Riot. He's innocent? Riot.

The police won't quell it because the media covers it (and we all know how that looks), and the media covers it because the police aren't quelling it (it's too exciting to pass up).

I don't think it'll be so bad since the election results leak out over time across the nation, and only with certainty very late into the night.