Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin Clearly Won-Because She Took Over The Debate

I know, you lefties that come over here, especially Mr. Snarkle, will not agree, but I do not care.
Gov. Sarah Palin won tonight's vice-presidential debate with the Democrat nominee, Sen. Blowhard Joe Biden.
The reason is she took the debate away from Gwen Ifill, in the tank for Sen. Messiah Barack Obama "moderator". Some will say that she did not answer Miss Ifill's questions. Well, so what? I do not think that Sen. Blowhard did any better. But, it was clear that Gov. Palin was not going to let the debate deteriorate into a two-on-one. Gov. Palin was strong and in command of most issues.
Here is a great line that Gov. Palin said that I really liked:

"It is so obvious that I am a Washington outsider. Someone just not used to the way you guys operate"

That was in reference to another inane statement from Sen. Blowhard trying to defend a vote. Gov. Palin even managed a "I was for it before I was against it" line in the same breath.
And that is Gov. Palin strength. She is not part of the Washington inner circle. She is so far away from that scene. And that is why she is so hated.
But, back to the debate. Look at the fact that she was able to put Sen. Blowhard on the defensive several times, and it was on foreign policy that she put him on the ropes. Especially when Gov. Palin kept coming back to the fact that Sen. Messiah Barack said he would sit down with a rogue gallery of dictators with NO PRECONDITIONS! Just like two ol' pals. No matter what Sen. Blowhard tried to do to deflect that, it failed. His running mate, the top of the Democrat ticket said it. And in last week's presidential debate, Sen. Messiah Barack kept trying to weasel out of it by saying a bunch of hooey about "preparation", what ever that means.
Where I really think that Gov. Palin really connected with voters was her continuing to tout her clear middle-class roots. When Gov. Palin talked about the fact that her and husband Todd had to pay out of pocket for health care, that cut to the heart of what many people are talking about now. Somehow, I am convinced about Gov. Palin showing up at a Saturday soccer match talking to other parents versus Sen. Blowhard harping about visiting a Home Depot. Maybe he is there about getting a potential job after he loses this election!
I will say that Sen. Blowhard can cite a lot of numbers and votes and the fact that he has met many world leaders. But, that is the point. For any criticism of Sen. McCain being in Washington too long, Sen. Blowhard has been there longer. And it shows. And it just is not wearing well .
It was a great debate to watch and I think that Gov. Palin did recharge the McCain campaign. And, Sen. Blowhard did not do any harm to Sen. Messiah Barack. And, Gwen Ifill did a fair job.
Another game changer with four weeks to go. Hold on, folks!


Rightwingsnarkle said...

Never has the bar been set so low.

She didn't drool on herself, so I guess that means she did OK.

"Game changer?" Dream on.

The wingnuts love her, but the wingnuts were told to love her, and wingnuts always do what they're told.

And 'pundits?' Blech. They're making fools of themselves. They're thinking with their penises or, in the case of Mad Peggy Noonan, simply hallucinating.

As for the remaining 62% of American voters who aren't wingnuts, the early data was pretty clear - they were not impressed by little Bible Spice. Not at all. She's a minor league player in way over her head, and it shows.

And the campaign knows it, too, 'cuz they're only trotting her out when it's absolutely safe to do so.

Don't forget, last week Mad Jack wanted to move his first debate with Obama to the VP debate time slot, and defer the VP debate to...never.

My prediction - after this ticket gets beat like a rented mule next month, Mad Jack with throw a clot and end up in a wheelchair.

Caribou Barbie will slink back to Alaska, where the voters are pissed off in a major way with her. If she decides to run for re-election in 2010, she'll have a tough fight on her hands and could end up a one-termer, like Mitt.

She could try to take on Lisa Murkowski, one of the many utterly corrupt Alaska rebubs (Stevens is on trial right now, remember? And Don Young's spending more of his campaign money on defense lawyers than on his campaign), but that's not likely to play too well.

So, I hope you and she both enjoy her extended 15 minutes of fame. The clock's running out on it, and unless Tonya Harding's interested in coming out of retirement for one more boxing match, there really isn't anything else to follow.

Righty64 said...

Once again Mr Snarkle, I think you are in a panic. What will you do if the Democrats can not steal or make up votes in Ohio? What are you going to do when McCain/Palin win? Are you going to do something kamakazie? You are so typical of your ilk. You are just so bitter and filled with such hate. You claim not to be, but deep down you just would not know what to do if you were H A P P Y! Oh, we "wingnuts" just follow orders. Please! We do not harrass little children into singing for the Dear Leader! Nobody on your side even wants to know a thing about the Messiah and the Blowhard. They are the Sheeple. Talk about delusional. It will be a fun month ahead!