Friday, October 17, 2008

Supremes Rule With Ohio Secretary Of State

In a decision that may contribute to doubts of thousands of votes in the upcoming presidential election, the United States supreme court sided with the Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner and gave her a stay of two weeks to comply with a lower court ruling that she had to verify over 200,000 voter registrations.
There will be more on this later, but two quick points.
One wonders if this supreme court decision is a kind of give back to the Democrats over the infamous Bush v Gore 2000 decision that essentially gave the presidential election to then Gov. George W. Bush.
That is just a little conspiracy theory I am throwing out there. Hey, why not. The left has spent seven weeks assaulting Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.
The reality is that the court may believe that there is no way to do what the sixth circuit court of appeals wanted done.
Since I am not a lawyer, I can only speculate.
But it is not a good decision because it undermines the responsibility of the government to insure that there is not rampant voter fraud.
With the ACORN controversy running rampant, this is really going to throw a potential monkey wrench in the election.

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DoorHold said...

I may be wrong, but does anyone expect that the people on all those illegal registration forms will actually show up on election day to vote?

If they do, would an election worker be allowed to turn away, say, "Mickey Mouse?"