Thursday, October 30, 2008

An Interesting Take On The Conservative Debate Over Sarah Palin

My friend Gay Patriot West over at Gay Patriot has a great post on the conservative debate over the Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
It is not so much a debate as a distinction. The intellectual class of the Republican party, led by people like David Frum and David Brooks are people who have never actually had to sell their ideas to voters. In other words, they have never ran for office.
Then there are those who have been in the arena. And that is exactly Sarah Palin.
It is really wonderful that there are debates within conservatism. Clearly, the liberals have either given up or just figure that the hard left is the way to go. There has been no debate on their side.
But the reality is that there are few politicians on the conservative side that can articulate a broad conservative message and give it a face to the electorate at large.
The last one to do that is Newt Gingrich. An intellectual and a political street-fighter.
Now, I do not put Gov. Palin in that category.
But, as Gay Patriot points out, she just needs to complete a conservative education.
These same intellectuals love to go on conservative talk radio to hawk their books, but really do not care if the books or whatever they are selling is put into practice. If they did, they would run for office.
I will submit once again that many of these same types of people have always existed within conservatism. Remember, these people did not have much use for Ronald Reagan. Yet now, many wax so eloquently about the Great Man.
Great post and do read Gay Patriot West's link to the Jennifer Rubin article.
The debate over Sarah Palin continues.

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