Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Follow Canadian Election Results Here

UPDATE: I had an incorrect link to the Elections Canada website. It has been corrected and now you may enjoy seeing the Conservatives go onto victory in the Great White North!

Today, Canadians go to the polls to elect a new parliament in the 40th national election.
If you want to follow the election results in real time, Elections Canada is a good web site to go to. It is the body that runs a nationwide election in Canada.
Remember, it is not just one nationwide election but 308 separate elections.
What ever party can get the most seats (155 is an out right majority) can be asked to form a government.
The ruling Conservative party has been the governing party, but with only 127 seats, the most in the Canadian parliament.
And, it appears that the majority of Canadian voters are poised to give the Conservatives a chance to govern again.
Whether it is a minority government or an out right majority remains to be seen.
Follow the results here.


Toisha said...

I sure hope you are right and we do let the Conservatives govern again. But, this time with a majority. We will find out real soon.

Polly said...

Another point of view: Election results: Obama wins!