Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gov. Palin's Accomplishments

This is an excellent post by Bill Dyer that points out three major accomplishments that Alaska governor Sarah Palin has accomplished in two years as governor of the Last Frontier.
Since I want you to read Bill's analysis, I will simply provide the highlights.

1) Gov. Palin is a proven fiscal conservative who used her line-item veto to slash hundreds of millions of dollars in spending from the state budget.

2) Gov. Palin kept her campaign promise to revamp the state's pre-existing severance tax on oil & gas production, replacing a structure negotiated behind closed doors by ethically challenged predecessors and the big energy companies with one negotiated in full public view — and then rebated part of the resulting surplus directly to tax-payers.

3) Gov. Palin broke a multi-year stalemate over the financing and construction of a $40 billion cross-state gas pipeline that will deliver cleaner, cheaper natural gas to Alaska's own population centers (Alaskans themselves pay some of the nation's highest energy prices), while also delivering gas to the energy-hungry Lower 48.

In two years, Gov. Palin has three major accomplishments.
Sen. Blowhard Joe Biden has been in the senate for 35 years. As noted by Gov. Palin, Sen. Blowhard's senate tenure started in 1972, when she was in the second grade. Since we are the same age, I was also in the second grade. Oh, and the blowhard had his own hair then!
What I would like to ask is a simple question. What has Sen. Blowhard Biden accomplished in that time? Are the three pieces of major legislation that have his name attached on it? Please note, this is a serious question. If there are, please let me know. I will acknowledge it!
At this point, I will take two years of Gov. Palin over 35 years of Sen. Blowhard Biden.

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