Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some Confused Conservatives Need To Read This

In this election Death March that is about to end? in two weeks from today, I have found myself on the opposite end of many of Michael Medved's points, especially since he jumped on the Johnny Mac bandwagon in the primary season.
But, what I have linked you to is spot on.
I am not happy when I see other bloggers such as PoliPundit willing to vote third party because they can not stomach voting for Johnny Mac and the Saracuda.
Mr. Medved is right that we can look back on how Ronald Reagan became president in 1980.
This is very important to read:
The common (and historically illiterate) formulation claims: “We had to go through jimmy Carter to get Ronald Reagan.” According to this logic, a disastrous Obama presidency will prepare the electorate for a future, Reagan-like conservative champion.
Well, we do not know that a disastrous Obama presidency is in the offing.
My guess is that if Sen. Messiah Barack Obama is elected with a stronger Democrat congress, they will crazily get as much of the left-wing agenda through congress and on a President (gulp!) Obama's desk. And, while people's taxes are raised because of the deficit, a la Clinton, under the right leadership, the Republican's can possibly take back congress and force a President (gulp!) Obama to the center, again a la Clinton.
But that is one heck of a risk to take when we do not know that could happen.
W. C. Varones over at PoliPundit seems to be willing to take that risk judging by this assessment: I can’t vote for McCain. Not that my vote would matter in California. I, like PoliPundit, am voting for Bob Barr. It’s the only way to send a message that the candidates the GOP keeps giving us are unacceptable. It looks like we’ll have to burn the party down and start from scratch in 2010.
First of all, it is the attitude that California does not matter that keeps the Republicans down at all levels. The Republican party does matter in California. We do not have to wait to burn it down. We can be doing work right now and yes, we will have some losses in a very Democrat year. But this talk of waiting another two years is madness.
And I want to remind Mr. Varones of my comment on PoliPundit:
I’m sorry that you are not happy with the choice we face for president. But, I ask all you who DID NOT WANT John McCain to be the GOP nominee this. Who did you support in the primaries? Huh? Who? You see, if we had all agreed to support ONE conservative candidate, there maybe another candidate other than Sen. McCain. I supported Mitt Romney. So many had doubts. But, by the time they realized that McCain might just win, they came over to Romney. But it was too late. And we have McCain.
Hey, you have to get behind a candidate in the primaries. There were quite a lot to choose from. When your candidate does not win, in an election of this nature, you have to back the last man standing. And that is John McCain.
I am not willing to take such a risk with such a candidate as what the Democrat party selected in Sen. Messiah Barack. We are in a titanic struggle with radical Islam. We need someone who at least gets that much. Sen. John McCain gets that.
I have a lot of issues with Sen. McCain. But, he is who we have and we need to stand by him, not be a sellout because we are not happy. I am not going to throw away my vote. I am voting for Sen. John McCain. We need a strong leader in these strong times.
I have been on the bandwagon since Sen. McCain won the nomination. Really excited when he chose Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate. He at the very least saw the future of the Republican party, and it was not with a Colin Powell or a Tom Ridge or anyone else in the D. C. Beltway establishment.
So, I urge those that want to take a risk of an eight-year, unfettered Obama presidency, remember how President Dole worked out!

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DoorHold said...

"I, like PoliPundit, am voting for Bob Barr. It’s the only way to send a message that ..."

Whatever the reasoning, the ONLY message that sends is:

"Ladies and gentlemen, the next President of the United States Of America, Barack Hussein Obama!"

Refusing to accept reality on principle might make you feel good, but it doesn't do anything else.

BTW, at least McCain's most radical ideas CAN be shouted down by the American people (eg., immigration "reform"), so there's hope even for a McCain Presidency.