Saturday, October 18, 2008

Say It Mark Steyn!

In a post on National Review's The Corner, Mark Steyn gives us an explanation of the sudden debate among conservatives, especially regarding the GOP vice-presidential nominee, Alaska governor Sarah Palin.
What Mr. Steyn writes, and writes well, is that where there is conservative governance is in the so-called flyover country. Or in the case of Alaska, the middle-of-nowhere country.
Here is a real money quote that Mr. Steyn writes (which is attributed to Canadian writer David Warren):

It’s when you no longer know where your milk comes from, let alone where you got your opinions, that you have become over-urbanized.

AMEN, brother!
Where do the urbanites think all their food comes from? How about many other products that are made in the so-called flyover country? Oh, and do they really think that oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, better known as ANWR really going to upset the migration of the caribou?
It is amazing the contempt that is shown for much of the United States by the elites and their allies. The reason that there is contempt being shown towards these elites is because only now are those that these people want to govern coming to realize that they are treated not as real parts of the American experiment, but as cogs in the elite wheel.
Thank God for people like Mr. Steyn, an intellectual who is not part of the elite crowd, for being here, with the people and not with the elites!


Freadom said...

Agreed. The part of ANWAR that is set aside for oil drilling is a swamp, but sme people don't want you to know that.

No new addition to the Freadom family yet.

Incognito said...

I love steyn!!