Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amazingly, These Republicans Want To Be Governor Of California

The 2010 elections are a little over a year and a half away and, because it is never too early, there are some people who actually want to be governor of the once Golden State.
There are already three Republicans looking to be the standard bearer in what promises to be a hotly contest race to succeed Gov. Benedict Arnold.
The first of the three is Tom Campbell, a former congressman and a definite libertarian and small government conservative.
A very big problem for Mr. Campbell is that he has served as an economic adviser to Gov. Benedict Arnold. And, once the five tax and robbery measures are soundly defeated next week, look for the other two opponents to wrap that around his neck.
Also, his last statewide race was for the United States senate against Sen. Diane Feinstein. Mr. Campbell could not even muster 40% against Sen. Feinstein as she cruised to reelection.
With a conservative Republican voting bloc, these are big negatives and could make the more well-known Mr. Campbell start off with a lot of baggage.
Next is the current Insurance Commissioner, Steve Poizner.
It appears that Mr. Poizner is the choice of many conservatives within the California Republican party. And because Mr. Poizner is the only other elected Republican constitutional office holder, Mr. Poizner has a big head start. And a big bankroll.
In Mr. Poizner's favor, he is a successful businessman and has served in government at the federal level as director of Critical Infrastructure Protection in the National Security Council in the Bush 43 administration. Mr. Poizner is an advocate for charter schools and has made education reform a front-and-center issue in his campaign.
A negative is that Mr. Poizner is not as well known as Mr. Campbell. But, he will make every effort to be as well known between now and June 2o10 when the California primary is held.
The third candidate is the former chair of E-Bay, Meg Whitman.
Mrs. Whitman is also a successful businesswoman and rose to fame as an early endorser of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. And when Mr. Romney dropped out, she hooked up with the McCain campaign.
Her successes are legendary.
But, Mrs. Whitman is the only candidate that has no elected experience. In this climate and considering that the current governor had no experience can be a drawback to some. I am not certain.
All three candidates are at the very least social moderates. All three support abortion "rights" and oppose same-sex marriage.
I will have a lot on these candidates in future posts. Check out their websites and see where they stand on the issues.
Most amazing is that anyone wants to be governor of the most ungovernable state in the Republic.


Rightwingsnarkle said...

...the most ungovernable state in the Republic.Cazart! That's the most lucid thing you've ever said. I agree completely.

California needs a new state constitution, one that doesn't allow for the shenanigans that've made the state so ungovernable - those ridiculously easy, and destructive, propositions.

As for Meg Whitman - I made a few bucks with my eBay stock during her tenure, but she stayed around long enough to screw up badly (buying Skype, for example). She's a mere mortal with an inclination for stupidity.

skeneogden said...

Finally something I can agree with RWS about! I too think the state constitution needs to be overhauled starting with the elimination of the proposition process.

As bad as the legislature is, the voters are worse when it comes to making critical decisions that affect the state. Let's face it, most people probably don't even read their voter pamphlets and are too influenced by slick campaign commercials to make an informed decision regarding these complicated issues.

The pols continue to use the initiative process to sidestep their responsibilities and foist blame on the voters when things don't turn out so well in the aftermath.

I don't think the people of this state will vote for a conservative again unless we descend in to complete desperation.