Sunday, May 17, 2009

0 For 6

In today's Orange County Register, the lead editorial explains why California voters should vote a resounding "NO" on all six tax and robbery measures on Tuesday's special election ballot.
As we say, read the whole thing.
A lot of people, even many conservatives, believe that voting yes on Prop 1F is OK.
It is not.
It is the measure that the political whore, state Sen. Abel Maldonaldo, got on the ballot to gain his vote to end the so-called budget stalemate in the first place.
Here is the money line as to why Prop 1F is a joke:

Prop. 1F is an unnecessary exercise in venting.

Amen to that!
But a point that is made by Assemblyman Chuck DeVore is also worth noting. A balanced budget can be achieved with tax increases as well as by spending cuts. Which none of these measures does in the first place.
While The Register editorial points out that Prop 1A is confusing, there is a reason for it.
As noted on the sample ballot that I received, nowhere in the language does it mention that if one votes yes on 1A, it will extend the California state sales tax hike for another two years.
No question that if it did, the No vote could be devastating.
It may well be anyway.
It is time for the voters of the once Golden State to send the message to the legislators and Gov. Benedict Arnold.
Do the damn job that we voted for you to do. Make the tough choices. Really explain them to us, the voters, your bosses. Let the chips fall where they may.

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