Thursday, May 28, 2009

Republican Squish Regrets Vote For President Obama. Sigh!

Well, leave it to a contributor on David Frum's website, "New Majority" to have buyer's remorse because she admits to voting for the most vowed left-winger to run for the presidency.
Crystal Wright has the cajones to admit that she voted for President Obama over the Republican standard-bearer, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain. To her credit, she not only admits her vote for The One, but now has the ability to admit that it may have not been a great vote.
Her reasoning?
Here it is in her own words:

I truly had no idea he would turn out to be the radical tax and spend liberal he's revealed. Since the beginning of his presidency, Obama seems more interested in making policies and decisions that grab headlines than those in the best interests of the country. The announcement of his whopping $3 trillion budget, trailing the $800 billion bank bailout, was shocking and yet the media seemed to rally around him. The president wants to do everything at one time, national healthcare, economy, taxes (wealth redistribution), clean energy, infrastructure, education and more. He acts very king-like, expecting Congress to endorse everything he floats their way, but his high octane PR strategy--loaded with smiles and good oratory may be fading.

Where, oh where to begin Crystal?!
I guess that you were in your Washington cocoon to not realize that then Sen. Messiah Barack let it all out in the infamous confrontation with Joe the Plumber. As Sen. Messiah Barack said, he wanted to spread the wealth. So, Crystal, how in the name of Almighty God did you expect Sen. Messiah Barack go about wealth-spreading? By twinkling his nose a la Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched? Really, the only way to carry out that pledge is to raise taxes and spend on what appear to be popular programs. As you note, taxes are wealth redistribution.
Then, in the same paragraph, you seem to be surprised that the Dinosaur, Drive-By, Mainstream, Obama-Worshiping Media, DDBMSOWM are rallying around the "high octane" proposals and strategies.
Ah, hello?!
The same DDBMSOWM all but handed then Sen. Messiah Barack not only the Democrat presidential nomination but the general election. There was absolutely no, none, zip, nada, critical analysis of then Sen. Messiah Barack's proposals and potential policies. The same DDBMSOWM, rather than take a serious look at what Sen. Messiah Barack told Joe the Plumber, went after. . .Joe the Plumber! We know more about Joe the Plumber than President Obama's records at Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard law school.
Crystal, I am glad that you have seen the error of your way, but why are you wasting time contributing to a website that is only interested in bashing conservatives? I would like to have seen this in a conservative site like the Weekly Standard or National Review. Townhall would be another good one.
As I have offered to help the foul-mouthed Meghan McCain see the light towards conservatism, I offer you the same, Crystal. The fact you see that President Obama is in fact and indeed all that he said he was should be a start. Time for you to graduate to reading real conservative thinkers. Also, maybe contribute some of your commentary to the above named conservative organs.
It is worth reading the comments to Crystal Wright's post.
As one commenter noted, she will not be the first of the squishes to have buyer's remorse. And she will most certainly not be the last by a long shot.


IlĂ­on said...

So true.

Kevin said...

Please don't do ANYTHING that encourages John or Meghan McCain to keep calling themselves Republicans. Retire McCain! Chris Simcox for U.S. Senate!