Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Brilliant Ideas On How To Improve The Republican Party

Ahh, thank goodness that there are people who want to have the best interests of the Republican party in their heart and "mind".
That is why such Republicans as former Secretary of State, Gen. Colin Powell, say the GOP needs to embrace big government. Why Gen. Powell says the following: "Americans do want to pay taxes for services. Americans are looking for more government in their life, not less."
Not according to polling done by Rasmussen Reports in which only 28% of Americans want larger government. A staggering 62% want less government services and lower taxes.
Maybe the general should rethink that comment.
Of course Gen. Powell reads from the Team Obama talking points in the obligatory bashing of radio talker Rush Limbaugh. And if that is not enough, he went after the "polarizing" governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.
Of course my favorite Republican, David Frum, is on the general's side in how to make the Republican party better. Why for good measure, Mr. Frum jumped on the Charlie Christ for senate bandwagon.
More on that later.
Want a real laugh on how to make the Republican party better?
Former Sen. John "F--- You" McCain campaign guru Nicolle Wallace says that the GOP needs a larger-than-life hero. And one of those heroes Miss Wallace is touting is actor Gary Sinise.
Now, I think that there is no more stelar individual in the Hollyweird crowd than Mr. Sinise. His undying support for our troops is legendary. His support in the War Against Islamofacist Terror is also very well known.
What is not well known is Mr. Sinise's views on a wide range of issues. Outside of these two issues, I have no idea where Mr. Sinise stands on the excessive government that President Obama is foisting on the American people. How about his views on taxation? The proper role of government?
As a Californian, we went down this road in getting Gov. Benedict Arnold elected in 2003 after recalling Gov. Gray Era Davis.
And, Gov. Benedict Arnold will see his political career go in flames as he continues to push a Democrat-led series of tax and robbery measures that we, the people, will vote on next Tuesday.
And, Miss Wallace touts a couple of other heroes that can save the GOP.
Gens. David Petraeus or Ray Odierno.
Both are real heroes in leading the fight to save Iraq. But, once again we have no idea where they stand on issues.
And, for a real series of laughs, there is the latest pundit in the name of Meghan McCain.
Miss McCain is, shall I write, a little light in any sense of ideas. Sure, she parrots the left's talking points on what is wrong with the Republican party. Why Miss McCain even goes so far as offering a Dr. Ruth type primer on how Republicans do not understand sex. I kid you not. But as far as any sense of actual ideas that are remotely conservative. Well, they are just not on Miss McCain's radar.
And there is the National Republican Senate Committee.
The chair of the committee, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tx.) is a good conservative.
But, he somehow thinks that a top-down approach will keep a Republican seat in Florida.
The popular, moderate governor, Charlie Christ, announced yesterday that he is in the race for the senate seat.
Sen. Cornyn immediately put the name of the NRSC behind Mr. Christ.
Too bad there is another candidate that also has a great chance of winning. That candidate is former speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, Marco Rubio.
Yes, that is the ticket.
Send in the old, white, moderate against an up and coming Hispanic and conservative.
Here is one idea.
How about having some principles that are not-negotiable and having candidates that can run and articulate those ideas and principles?
There are many out there.
But if we listen to those like Gen. Powell, Miss Wallace and Miss McCain and Sen. Cornyn, we will see a party in a perpetual minority.
As I have written many times, when voters are faced with a Democrat and Democrat lite, voters will choose the Democrat.
The party needs to support those that will have the articulation of Ronald Reagan and the vigor of Newt Gingrich if they are to get back on top.


Anonymous said...

In a country that could elect a person like Obama, the same country is most capable of electing Gary Sinise as a conservative.
We need to remember that Obama didn't win with a huge landslide but only with 53% of the vote.
The 48% that didn't vote for him will be backing a Gary Sinise figure in 2012, along with all the current naysayers who by 2012, and four years of Obama, will be looking for a new National Savior.
Sinse founded the grassroots political group, Friends of Abe, and many of his political views are already well known.
He also brings with him the vote from hundreds of thousands of our troops, which speak volumns.
You can't fool our women and men on the front lines and they do truly know who is and who isn't on their side.
Thing is, this story is totally unfounded. True his name was dropped in the interview, but Sinise says politics is a dirty game and he would much rather be free to champion his causes and play music with his Lt Dan Band.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

Ah, wingnuts - always desperately seeking the next savior.

Have you already soured on Caribou Barbie?

Today's GOP - a pathetic starting lineup; and an even worse bench.

DoorHold said...

"How about having some principles that are not-negotiable and having candidates that can run and articulate those ideas and principles?"

Hmm, now who do we have that's articulate AND has a snowball's chance in Hell of getting elected?


skeneogden said...

Just like the Republicans, the Democrats will allow unfettered power to corrupt every thing they do with the predictable backlash at the polls.

Look for power to shift back and forth like a pendulum until one party can find a way to stick to its principles, if that is even possible in a world so ethically and morally challenged.