Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Link To The GOP Grassroots Rebellion

As I posted on the Battle Royale between Charlie Christ and Marco Rubio for the GOP senate nomination in 2010, I noticed a new site to let the National Republican Senate Committee know how we feel about the unconditional endorsement of Gov. Christ.

It is a new blog that has been linked to this one in response to the top-down approach the NRSC is taking in this race.

I note that this post by contributor No Sheeples Here makes the point that I made in yesterday's post formally endorsing Marco Rubio for senate in Florida:

Pinellas State Committeeman Tony DiMatteo said, "To try to impose Rule 11 on a former Speaker of the House of Representatives—a Hispanic American, at a time when we're trying to reach out to Hispanics and African-Americans and diversify—is beyond outrageous.”

Rule 11 allows the national party apparatus to campaign for and pour money to a certain candidate ignoring all others in a primary.

But hey, do not take the word of an actual party committeeman in a county in Florida. I mean, we all know that the wiseguys in Washington will give Florida their candidate whether they want it or not.

Again, I want make clear. I have no problem that Gov. Christ is in the race and it will be a spirited one between Mr. Rubio and Gov. Christ.

The problem is with the wiseguys in Washington that want to clear the field and want to do so at the expense of Republican voters actually deciding these races.

We must make NRSC chair Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tx) realize that he should keep out of this race and any other where there is more than one serious candidate in the running. The only way that they are going to get that is if they do not get money from those of us that are the activists they tout about all the time.

Let me remind you that if we take their approach, it is the approach that gave us Gerald Ford over Ronald Reagan in 1976. The same approach that gave us beleaguered Californians Gov. Benedict Arnold over now congressman Tom McClintock.

It is time to take a stand.

And Not One Red Cent is a way to take a stand.

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Susan Salisbury said...

Jim Demint has created a new PAC called the Senate Conservatives Fund which is endorsing conservative candidates, including Marco Rubio