Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great News! Notth Korea Conducts A Nuclear Test

In a disturbing development, the Communist dictatorship of North Korea has announced that they have conducted an underground nuclear test according to the government Korean Central "News" Agency.
Of course the Red Koreans are quick to state that this is in the name of "self-defense".
And why not. I mean, democratic South Korea is certainly on the march to Pyongyang, right? I mean I have to assume that would be such a reason.
The failures of the Clinton and Bush 43 administration to deal with this mounting threat now means that President Obama will get his turn. And, judging by the pronouncements of the president and his underlings, one should not get any hopes up at all.
It is absolutely baffling why two previous administrations have failed to take serious action against this brutal, rogue dictatorship that has so abused its people through the failures of the Communist idea. People are starving due to government policies that lead to "famine". Electricity is all but non-existent for the average citizen of North Korea. The majority of people live in abject poverty and fear.
I actually hope that President Obama and his foreign policy team can deal much more strongly with this dastardly dictator, Kim jong-il, than his predecessors.
Something has to be done before the Red Koreans are successful in developing a nuclear bomb and or an arsenal.

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DoorHold said...

Well, we HAVE agreed to "do something," stop and inspect incoming ships for weapons deemed illegal by international sanctions.

And North Korea has stated they will consider this an act of war and will respond in kind.

Good luck with that situation, Obama.

Are previous treaties/cease fires/other agreements the reason we haven't done anything with North Korea before now?