Thursday, October 26, 2006

Michael J. Fox Has Always Been A Democrat Activist

The recent brouhaha over the disingenuous television ad with actor Michael J. Fox brings to mind a dirty little secret that many people seem to forget as he began his acting career during the 1980s on the popular sitcom "Family Ties."
In that series, Fox played Alex P. Keaton, a young upstart who was a Reagan Republican being raised by '60s parents. Very early on he made clear that he was not anything like Keaton, but was infact as liberal as his shows parents in real life. It was then that he lent his name to liberal and Democrat causes.
So, why is anyone surprised that he would in probably a worse stage of Parkinson's disease make disengeous ads demonizing Republicans who may not support embryotic stem cell research, which has not been promising at all?
Because, he is and has been a Democrat, not that theres anything wrong with that.
What is the fraud is that he has only become an activist since being diagnosed with the disease.
Fox is not being used by the Democrats. He is one of them who just happens to have a debilitating disease and is desperate to find a cure, any way, anyhow.
I don't blame him.
But, junk science can not be started that may have a Orwellian end that will be worse than what may be the cure.
For the record, I do not think these ads are going to change many minds.
Sen Jim Talent (R-Mo) will win reelection. Michael Steele will be the next Republican senator from Maryland.
What is true that if Fox wants to get involved in the political arena in this way, get ready for the criticsim. He is no different from any one else just because he does have Parkinson's disease.
The truth is, Fox has always been a Democrat and should be clear about that.

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