Saturday, October 21, 2006

Time To Put The Cash And Time To Keep The GOP Majority!

My fellow Republicans, it is time to put our money and time where our mouths are.
I know, you are not going to vote because the New York Times says you won't.
The Los Angeles Times says that because you are not going to vote, the Democrats are going to gain seats in Red America.
I can go on and on, but I know this is nothing but...BULL!
As we speak, I am sending $30 to the RNC. If every Republican in the United States did that, we could change the course of this election and gain seats in both the House and Senate.
Do you know that Michigan, Maryland and New Jersey are in play? Well, they are and $30 can go a long way to elect Mike Bouchard in Michigan, Mike Steele in Maryland and Tom Kean, Jr. In New Jersey.
Do you know that the Democrats are so running out of cash that Chairman Howard Dean is trying to take a $10 million dollar loan just to keep some balance with the GOP effort?
Also, don't think that because you live in a very safe GOP area or deep in Dem America that it does not count.
Look at California.
Gov. Arnold has a commanding lead in the polls, but that means nothing. Send money and take time to phone bank. That will help keep the governor's numbers high and elect Tom McClintock, a Reagan Republican, as lieutenant Governor and Chuck Poochigian as Attorney General. It will also send back Congressmen Richard Pombo (CA-8) and John Doolittle(CA-11) with large majorities that make the Democrat effort a waste of time and money.
The only way we will stay in the majority and see any immigration reform, appointment of conservative members of the federal judiciary and the Supreme Court, and win the War Against Terror is by sending back a GOP majority to congress.
Most importantly, DO NOT LET THE DEMOCRATS AND THEIR MSM ALLIES tell you what to do!! They are telling you not to vote and yet you will be the first to complain when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid go after the President because they still can not get over not stealing the 2000 election. DO NOT LET THEM STEAL this election. By the "reporting" and "analysis", they are saying some dumb things. And by suppressing your vote, they are stealing this election, plain and simple.
But, now is the time.
Let us put our money and time where our mouths are and get the GOP back in the majority.

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