Friday, October 27, 2006

Steele For Senate

Michael Steele will be the next senator from Maryland, and he will be a breath of fresh air compared to the blowhard, congressman Ben Cardin(D-Maryland) running against him.
While Cardin has the disingenuous ad from Democrat hack Michael J. Fox lying about his position on stem cell research, which he voted against before it became the Democrat cause celebre, Steele has a perfectly good retort in this ad on his website ( It is his sister, telling the truth about her big brother and she has multiple sclerosis.
When Cardin is not using actors to lie for him, he won't answer questions in a debate and ducks them outright due to the time worn "scheduling conflict."
Steele is getting endorsements from unlikely sources such as Russell Simmons, hip hop impresario. He will get the 25 percent of the black vote that he will need to beat this hack into the ground. I think that he is the kind of candidate that moderate blacks can vote for and be proud just as I would if I could vote in Maryland.
It is not his race but what he stands for and not afraid to take on the Democrat establishment that can't stand the fact he left the plantation and is, horror of horrors, a Republican!
Please, send some cash to Steele ( so he can get the message out and beat this Cardin fellow into the ground.
Michael Steele is going to be but one story of the many Republican victories on November 7 that the media will have to explain in this
"Democrat" year.

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