Sunday, October 15, 2006

Coming Back

This is just to let those know that IMMMMM BAAAACK!! And now, with only about three weeks to go, we who know that the current Republican congress has been less than perfect, it will be better still in the hands of Republicans and now is the time to show that there are some who will do anything to keep Republicans down, sometimes actual Republicans! I will take time to show how our MSM is pulling all the stops to bring back the Democrat party to power, even making things up that they think will help the cause. Those of us who can need to blunt this blatant assault by the MSM and their allies to steal this election. There is, even by their own accounts, not a huge surge to the Democrats. Democrats are excited, that is a fact, but making races where there are none, it is absolutely amazing. So, I will show why the Republicans will keep congress and maybe there will be some surprises. Stay tuned.

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