Friday, August 25, 2006

Phony Flap Over Senator Allen's "Racist" Slur

In this whacky political season, it is fascinating to see that Virginia Senator George Allen (R-Virginia) is already being thrown overboard by the MSM(Mainstream Media) as a serious Republican candidate for president in 2008 for an alleged racist slur against a worker for his opponent in this year's senate race for his reelection.
The flap occurred when an Indian-American campaign worker for opponent James Webb, the Democrat candidate, was following Sen. Allen around on a day of campaigning and Allen, maybe or maybe not knowing, was videotaped pointing him out to the crowd and the senator then referred to him as a "macaca", an alleged slur that the overwhelming
majority of Americans never heard of.
For the record, it is allegedly a North African or Southern African term for monkey. Sen. Allen would have probably been better off calling him a monkey in the first place.
While many Americans were looking up this in their political correctness
dictionaries, the Washington Post felt this was such an outrage that there was three days worth of front page coverage on this.
Somehow, this "racial" slur does not warrant three days of coverage essentially calling Sen. Allen a racist.
Not only that, but it was rightfully pointed out, of course excessively, that the campaign worker is an American and infact Virginian born and raised.
I don't think that one thoughtless comment in the heat of the moment of a campaign automatically disqualifies one from running or even being considered a front runner for President of the United States. In two years, no one will remember this comment. People will remember that Sen. Allen defeated a one-time Republican who ran as a Democrat because he could not defeat the incumbent in a primary and is only running because he opposes the Iraq theatre in the War Against Terror.
What the MSM should be focused on is what kind of record does James Webb have. How does a conservative suddendly throw all of the conservative positions overboard he held in a pique because he does not support our role in Iraq? What does he plan to do differently? Does he support the Ned Lamont position of cut and run and "work with our allies and talk to our enemies."?
But, alas, it is more important to see if a dumb comment by an incumbent warrants the news page, the front page no less, rather than where the opponent stands on current affairs.
It makes me wonder why the Islamofacists want to kill us since we really seem to care about real issues, only facades.

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