Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thank You Great Britain For Saving Thousands From The Islamofacists

We owe a tremendous thank you to the British MI5 and Pakistani intelligence for preventing a horrific terror attack on the scale and brutality of 9/11.
apparently, more than 20 individuals were plotting to fly aboard airliners from Great Britain to the United States, use some kind of liquid explosive and blow up the planes, simultaneously as on 9/11 and kill maybe thousands of people. Unlike 9/11, there would be no survivors.
Anywhere from six to 20 planes may have been used in this mayhem.
But, because Great Britain realizes at some level they are in a War Against Terror, or maybe the years of dealing with the Irish Republican Army(IRA), the so-called civil liberties of the suspects were not an issue. When the plot was discovered and verified, the authorities stepped to the plate and hit a grand slam, nabbing much of the conspiracy before the attacks could occur.
With lightning speed, police in Birmingham nabbed as many as 24 terrorists and of course there are probably more. But the British are on the case and looking for all the potential thugs with vigor.
It is a stark reminder of the world that we live in. It is a world in which Islamofacists are going to stop at nothing to rain terror and subjugate the world under their fanatical view of Islam. These are not people who want to negotiate anything. They want what they want and, with the promise of 72 virgins in "paradise" if they martyr themselves, we must do all that we can to prevent and stop the terrorists where ever they are and with all means that democratic nations have at their disposal.
One wonders if the Democrats were in control would there be anything of this nature being prevented or even stopped? With Connecticut Democrats drinking Kool-aid and voting for Ned Lamont to run for the United States senate, it is a resounding no. But I believe that the American voters are smarter than that and will keep Republican majorities in both houses of congress.
It is events like this that make Americans realize that President Bush is trying all that he can to keep America safe and willing to do almost anything.
But today, a huge "Thank you" to Great Britain for stopping the next 9/11

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