Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mad Mel In Perspective

Like most Americans, I have been troubled by the revelations of a drunken Mel Gibson, being nailed by a consiencious Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy, for DUI(Driving Under the Influence) going off an a rambling, profanity laced, anti-Semitic screed. But what troubles me is not the remarks, it is the man himself and the state that he is in.
What the media has not asked except for columnist Cal Thomas ( is what is a married man with seven children doing gallivanting around Malibu getting drunk and hanging all over very attractive women and eventually meeting his fate?
The problem is selective morality.
It seems that to many people, ranting about the "fucking Jews" is of more consequence than what kind of husband and father and yes, role model he is.
I think it is all relative. No one thing is worse than the other.
What is bad is that Mr. Gibson has had an ongoing love other than his wife, who he himself referred to as a saint for putting up with him. That love is the bottle.
The bottle, Demon rum, the Devil's urine, whatever one wants to refer to it as, has such a stranglehold on Mr. Gibson that he fit the classic pattern of an alcoholic.
When first confronted by deputy James Mee, who for the record is Jewish and thus part of the conspiracy, he was sheepish and genuinely ashamed of his actions. Then he got angry and belligerent and then, well you know the rest.
Why would a man with such talent that he produced the hauntingly wonderful "Passion of the Christ" have this serious problem? How does it affect the relationship with his wife and children? Where does it come from?
No one knows that for sure, and not even Mr. Gibson, but by focusing on the drunken comments, those who should be concerned about the family that is his are taking their eye of the ball. Thus, the serious problem of his alcoholism, which it is known to make sane people insane, is not addressed.
For the record, I admire Mr. Gibson for his holding on the the traditional Roman Catholic church. As a Protestant and a Christian first and foremost I do not agree with many of the theological teachings of that church, but he does have the conviction to take a serious stand for Jesus Christ from that tradition.
My hope is that faith is what leads to recovery and peace for Mr. Gibson and that it renews him, his wife and family. That is the real issue. The anti-Smithson that his deep in his soul will also work itself out in recovery and that will be a positive for all concerned.

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