Thursday, August 10, 2006

The President Finally Says It The Way It Is

President Bush today, finally, said the "Islamofacist" word and it is about time.
It is because Mr. Bush said a word that the CAIR crowd has already condemened that we are framing what the War Against Terror is all about.
It is not about subjugating that masses of Islam to Christian rule or to convert them to Christianity. It is to take the fight to those that have so scared the majority of peaceful adherents to Islam. They are to be called by their proper name-Islamofacists.
Mr. Bush has done his best to point out that most Islamics are peaceful people and trying to do their best to follow their religion to the best of their understanding.
What Mr. Bush has failed to do until today is frame the War Against Terror in undeniable terms. To refer to the thugish adherents as what they are. Today in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Mr Bush, praising British officials fot thwarting the next 9/11, he said "Islamofacists" and it is about time.
Of course the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) went ballistic because Mr. Bush took the gloves off. We need the gloves to come off and call the enemy what it is and to continue the fight, whether it is in Afghanistan, Iraq or the shadowy world that is Islamofacist terrorists.
Now, Mr. Bush must not succumb to Democratic and left-wing opinion and try to take back that comment. He must continue to say the I-word every chance he gets. It frames the debate and takes it out of the leftist shadows and the "gray areas" that they so like.
Like it or not, this is a titanic struggle of good vs. evil. Not Christianity vs. Islam, but good people of both and the Jewish faith, the world's three monotheistic religions fighting those who will pervert Islam and throw the world to a dark age of misogynist rule under a caliphate or caliphates.
Now, President Bush that you have said the I-word, keep it up. Let the American people and the enemy know that we know what we are up against.

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