Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why No Talking About California Turning Red?

It is curious that in this super-charged lets get the Dems in power in Washington drive by the MSM, they have totally ignored the real story of the year.
They have not covered the fact that reliably Democratic California is turning Republican in a hurry and it will turn almost all of the constitutional elected offices in the hands of the GOP.
A lot of people, fellow Republicans and especially conservatives, don't think that Gov. Arnold is a real Republican. Well, he is a Republican as one can be married to a Kennedy! But seriously, on the issues that count to Republicans and even conservatives, he has been on the right side. He has, to use a so 1990's term triangulated the Democrats and they could not have done better in nominating far-left Phil Angelides to be their standard bearer.
That has led to Gov. Arnold having a lead of anywhere from 10-15 percent in any given poll. That means that all of the other candidates are within striking distance and keeping other Democrats from breaking 50 percent or better.
Only former Gov. Jerry Brown has got as high as 50 percent in his race for attorney general. That more goes to name recognition, so take 10 percent off of that and he is not very far ahead of Republican Chuck Poochigian.
This means that Republicans, moderates and conservatives, will be in control in Sacramento. Maybe they will even pick up a couple of Assembly seats and even a Senate seat.
Why has the MSM not talked about this?
Because, you see, this is a Democrat year. They are going to storm back in control of congress in record numbers. Maybe they will even have enough senate seats to impeach President Bush.
Just a little hyperbole.
Seriously, the MSM can not talk about any GOP success. That is not part of the game plan. We have stories about the Democrat taking on the Republicans in red country. Tell that to the so-called endangered GOP reps in Connecticut that will win reelection and thus keep the House in Republican control.
I think this is indicative about the fact that polling weighs heavily to the Democrats and that when there will be "surprises" on Nov. 7, excuses and conspiracy theories will rear their ugly head.
Just remember, there are Republican success stories and California will be one of them.

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