Friday, October 27, 2006

What Wednesday, November 8 Will Look Like

Since this is the time the pundits start to look seriously at the close races, consult the Ouiji Board, do a seance or whatever it is they do to make their predictions, I will jump in with my preliminary predictions for the House and Senate as to who will win the big races and what the make up will be. I say preliminary because I will come back next week with an update. Here goes nothing!
The House of Representatives:
Republican Democrat
225 210
Democrat net gain +8
Republican Democrat Ind.
58 41 1
Republican net gain +3
Now before you say, how do we gain 3 seats in the senate, follow me.
The so-called big six, Missouri, Ohio, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Montana, and Virginia will all stay in the GOP column. Don't get me wrong, they will all be close, maybe only a few thousand votes in each race. But, they will stay GOP. I think the Republicans get Maryland and maybe the easiest of these races. Also, look for Tom Kean, Jr. to take New Jersey and Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard to take Michigan. Also, don't count out Minnesota congressman Mark Kennedy squeaking by in Minnesota. It may offset any of the above that may not turn out for the GOP.
How do I get here?
Simple, the countinous onslaught by the dinosaur MSM that this is going to be a tidal wave for the Democrats. Also, the same folks trying to supress conservative, Republican voters will backfire as it as since 2002 when they also thought the same thoughts of takeover of the senate and the house.
The Democrats biggest problem is that they do not have a plan for anything. Chairman Howard Dean says as much. The only plan is they are not George W. Bush, and their blind hatred of him is worse than anything.
Disenchanted conservatives, I am one, are coming home as noted in an earlier post. We realize that a Republican majority will get conservative judges appointed and possibly to the supereme court. Also, we will not see a tax hike. Trust me, W does not make the same mistake as Bush 41. And in the most important issue of the day, President Bush and the Republicans are the only ones who can fight the War Against Terror with clarity and conviction. The Democrats have not offered any way to counter that as a grown up party.
Here is a chance to make them grow up. Keep them out of the majority until they can act like they care.
Anyway, there it is, the Republicans keep the majority and the Democrats have their bloodbath when they throw out Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid from their leadership positions.
Come back next week to see if their are any changes.

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