Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hey Karl Rove, Why Don't You HELP Christine O'Donnell Instead Of Continuing To Trash Her?

Sorry for the long post title.
But the question is an important one.
Unlike many on the Right blogosphere, I do not have a grudge against Karl Rove. I mean, he is what he is. A political operative. But, he is one of our operatives. So it is baffling why Mr. Rove has this hardon against the Republican senate nominee from Delaware, Christine O'Donnell.
It started last Tuesday night when the results were announced from the Delaware primary.
On Hannity on the Fox News Channel, Mr. Rove basically said that because Miss O'Donnell defeated the Republican establishment candidate, Congressman Mike Castle, the whole fight to regain the senate was lost.
Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?
Because an outsider defeated a questionable insider for a party nomination? Because this insurgent candidate did so with relative ease?
Well, Mr. Rove just laid into Miss O'Donnell. That she has a "checkered past" and that she misled voters about her college education. And that it took her two decades to pay back her student loans.
Fine. That is and has been out there and will be out there.
But here is the thing, Karl. May I call you Karl?
Christine O'Donnell won the primary. She is the duly nominated candidate of the Delaware Republican party. Like it or not.
So, my advice should you want to take it is this.
Why do you not go to Delaware, ask Miss O'Donnell what you can do to help her win her race? Is it easier to sit on the sidelines and bitch about all the crap that is being thrown at Miss O'Donnell? And add to it, I might add.
This is a really important midterm election. It may be the most important one of my 46 years on God's green earth. It will determine control of the House of Representatives and yes, the senate.
Karl, you have been a great strategist and operative. This is a campaign that is going to need someone with your background to get in there, deflect the garbage and keep the candidate, Miss O'Donnell focused.
Now, you may go down there and offer your services. And I think after your trashing it should be pro bono. And maybe, just maybe Miss O'Donnell will listen and give you the bird. Or, she may listen and take some of your potentially sage advice and wisdom. I hope it is the latter.
But Karl, be a mensch. Put your tail between your legs. Apologize for going gonzo on Miss O'Donnell and fight for this seat. Just as the Republicans and conservatives need to fight for every senate seat. Every House seat. Every governor's race. Every statehouse.
So Karl, I hope that you think about it and take my advice. That of but a humble blogger that wants to see the Dear Leader, President Obama, and his radical agenda stopped dead in its tracks.
It can only happen if supposed allies and friends put the firepower towards the other team, not our own.

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