Monday, September 06, 2010

The Whiner In Chief

Ooh boy!
Once again, our Dear Leader, President Obama, shows the American people that he has a really thin skin when it comes to criticism.
Today, the Dear Leader, President Obama, said this about the Republicans in congress and, I suppose, the American people:

“They talk about me like a dog.”

WHAH! WHAH! WHAH! The big, bad repubicans don't like me! WHAH! WHAH! WHAH!
Hey, Dear Leader, President Obama, grow the hell up!
Did you feel this way when you were joining your fellow Democrats in diminishing former President George W. Bush for eight years? In fact, does any one remember Mr. Bush saying anything like this about his opponents? No, because he did not. Unlike the Dear Leader, President Obama, Mr. Bush was man enough to be involved in politics and understood, people who do not support you say and do lousy things.
Remember, no one is making a movie fantasising about assassinating the Dear Leader, President Obama. But some cretin low-life did about Mr. Bush. And of course it won critical acclaim. Would that happen if someone did a movie fantasising about assassinating the Dear Leader, President Obama? Like it will happen in the first place.
And before one pontificates that this was not the work of a politician but a movie-maker, it does not matter. I sure do not remember hearing Democrat politicians or leaders decrying this garbage. If one can find it, I will stand corrected.
Dear Leader, President Obama. You wanted to be the president. And being president means that those that do not support your policies will be critical. And offer their own ideas. That, sir, is what makes elective politics in a representative republic.
The above comment came in remarks about the latest initiative that Team Obama is trying to jump-start a moribund economy.
It is another make-work jobs program regarding the United States infrastructure.
And, it should have been the original stimulus legislation.
But, Mr Thinskin can't take that Republicans do not see this as any better than the $787,000,000,000 so-called stimulus program.
So he resorts to whining.
And it really is unbecoming of the leader of the Free World.
If the Dear Leader can not take what Republicans say about him, how is he going to handle our sworn enemies as Iran? I do not want to see that.
As I wrote, this is part of the job.
It is time to man up, Dear Leader, President Obama.
Stop being the whiner in chief and be the commander in chief.

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