Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Weekend In San Francisco

This past weekend, a good friend and I took in a weekend deep in the den of inequity, aka San Francisco.
The purpose of the trip was the statewide convention for California Freemasons. You know, those of us plotting to take over the world and throw out of the Christians, et al.
The 161st Annual Communication took place at the Grand Lodge on Nob Hill, home of San Fran's elite. Across the street is the venerable Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel. Down California Street is the equally venerable Fairmont Hotel.
You get the picture. This Grand Lodge was built in the money area of town.
Now while this post is a kind of sort of travelogue, there are some observations about this town, San Fran, that needs to be written.
One, I really do not know how this town functions. The streets are really narrow. The hills are like mountains in a city. It just seems that everything is compact in San Fran. Especially in the downtown area itself.
Two, the reputation of libertard heaven is really accurate.
While waiting for a cable car to get to the Grand Lodge, it was not all that unusual to see two very buff, chiseled men holding hands walking down the street. One such couple, one of the men had a t-shirt that said the following:
Fairy with an attitude.
Very charming.
And let us not forget the homeless. Always nice and entertaining to hear some homeless aimlessly railing. When they were not arguing with each other over turf.
A new thing that I had not seen in previous trips were street evangelists. And boy, does this town need a little dose of Jesus. Actually, they can use a lot of Jesus.
Riding the cable car is a truly amazing experience.
There are two operators on the cars. Really only one is doing the grunt work. The other is more of a conductor and collecting the money, tickets, or checking to see if people have a one, three or seven day pass. Somehow, these guys and gals did not miss anyone. If you did not pay, you were asked to depart the car. I do not see how they did it.
Somehow, this town is like a functioning train wreck.
And yet it is in a strange way part of the charm.
Oh, one observation.
I actually saw a sign for House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi's opponent, John Dennis, in the window of a home somewhere deep in the heart of downtown. There is some hope. BTW, here is John's website. And a little cash will help Mr. Dennis defeat the Wicked Witch by the Bay in November. Remember, if you think it is a waste of time, how is Mike Castle's campaign doing?
I say this every time, and I did with by Masonic brother and friend.
San Francisco is a great place to visit. Great food, fascinating neighborhoods. A great park in Golden Gate Park. But, and this is the but. I do not know how anyone would actually want to live there.
A weekend is long enough for your humble blogger.
I can wait another year to visit the city by the bay. After Nancy Pelosi is demoted to House Minority Leader.

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