Monday, September 13, 2010

Will The Loser Back The Winner In The Delaware GOP Primary Death Match?

This post by Gabe Malor over at Ace makes my point exactly. And let me be clear. Whoever wins this race, I am all in. I will support the winner and urge the good people of Delaware to do the same. ANYONE that suggests a Democrat is better than a RINO needs to get a clue. This whole thing as to who controls the senate-Democrats or Republicans-may hinge on this race. So come Wednesday morning, put away the bitterness of the primary and get behind the winner. Whether it be the RINO or the Tea Party candidate.

In what has become the Republican senate primary Death Match, the Republican voters of Delaware will decide who will be the nominee for the senate seat once occupied by the brain surgeon Vice-President, Joe Biden.
In less than 48 hours, voters will decide if Congressman Mike Castle or insurgent Christine O'Donnell will represent the GOP in November.
It has been a battle of the ages.
If Miss O'Donnell wins, this will be the upset of the primary season. Not to compare, but it will top Alvin Greene's stunning Democrat primary win for the senate in South Carolina.
If Congressman Castle wins, and just barely, questions have to be raised about his seriousness about winning the election. The fact that he ignored Miss O'Donnell until the last week of the election and let her gain so much ground may mean that the touted candidacy may not be all that strong.
You see, that is what the primaries are all about. Candidates go after each other and then someone wins and the loser pledges support.
But I wonder if that will happen in this contest.
Miss O'Donnell is a bit of a hot-head. I worry that if she loses, she will mount a third-party or write-in challenge. As I noted in an earlier post, there is something Harold Stassenesque about Miss O'Donnell. If she does not win and loses close, she may convince herself that an outside shot is better than none at all. That will keep this seat in the hands of the Democrats. An unnecessary tragedy.
What if Miss O'Donnell wins this race? Will the loser, Congressman Castle support her? Will the National Republican Senate Committee spend more money than they wanted to to win this seat? Writing this off because an outsider, Miss O'Donnell, were to win would be absolutely asinine.
This seat is winnable. The Democrat party is on the run. And whoever wins this primary should be given a shot at winning this thing.
So, my request is simple.
Who ever wins, be gracious. Who ever loses, pledge support. And the NRSC better fork out the cash no matter who wins in Delaware.
These two better patch it up come Wednesday morning. Because the real enemy is the Democrat party and their leader. The Dear Leader, President Obama.

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