Thursday, September 16, 2010

Will The Loser Castle Endorse The Winner O'Donnell In Delaware? OF COURSE NOT!

Tuesday night was an amazing primary night. A lot of great candidates won in seven primaries throughout the United States.
And one of the victors was Republican senate candidate Christine O'Donnell.
Miss O'Donnell defeated Congressman Mike Castle in the Death Match GOP primary in Delaware.
Like several other moderate, RINO* types, it looks like Congressman Castle did not see the O'Donnell express barrelling down the tracks.
And Congressman Castle did not just lose by a little. He lost handily. Congressman Castle lost by a margin of 53% to 46%. And turnout for Republicans was very high for this election.
But we all want to know if the good congressman will back Miss O'Donnell in her victory now and to win this Democrat-held seat in November?
Why, of course not!
Did you really think that it would be any other way?
No, see, the RINO* Republican can not believe that after being in politics for 40 years, that fellow Republicans did not want a milquetoast this time around. The rest of Delaware outside of the big cities of Wilmington and New Castle spoke loudly as evidenced by this map. And what they said is that it is time for a change.
Is Miss O'Donnell the best candidate that is running for the senate in the Republican party? Time will tell that.
But, leave it to the Obamawhore media and the RINO* Republican crowd to find anything that maybe dirty and can stick to Miss O'Donnell.
Like when she spoke against mastrabation on MTV. As Jim Geraghty, a clear O'Donnell opponent in the primary, points out, she gets credit for going into the lion's den and taking a contrarian stand on an issue that, well can be best handled in a different manner than on MTV.
And we all know about Miss O'Donnell's financial problems.
Oh, and The Other McCain gives us a salacious bit of news about Miss O'Donnell. That her sister is. . .wait for it. . . wait. . .a lesbian!
But back to Congressman Castle.
Yes, it was a very bitter campaign right up to the polls closing in the First State. And one clear smear that I thought was way over the top was accusing the congressman of having a homosexual affair. Without proof, it is a dirty trick. Even with proof, it is a dirty trick. But a lot of the other stuff was what candidates do in a primary. And the loser at the very least congratulates the winner, backs the winner publicly and maybe slithers off the stage.
But, Congressman Castle's feelings were hurt, you see. As noted, it is that which precludes Congressman Castle from endorsing Miss O'Donnell.
Hey, my candidates for office in California lost. Steve Poizner to Meg Whitman for governor. Chuck DeVore to Carly Fiorina. And, all showed up at the victory rally the next day. And yes, these were very bitter campaigns. And, I am a supporter of both Mrs. Whitman and Mrs. Fiorina. They won.
That is what Congressman Castle needs to do. If he believes that the Republicans in control of congress is better than the Democrats in control, now he needs to put aside the hurt feelings and support Miss O'Donnell. She is who the Republican voters wanted in the general election.
In other words, stop being the RINO* that you have been so accused of being and back the candidate.

RINO*-Republican In Name Only

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