Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meg Whitman And The Illegal Alien Nanny

OK, this is not a good revelation this late in the campaign for governor of California.
It appears that the Republican candidate for governor, Meg Whitman (don't blame me-I voted for Steve Poizner!) had an illegal alien as her housekeeper/nanny for nine years.
Nine years?
Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?
Now in Mrs. Whitman's defense, she has produced a document that seems to indicate that the illegal alien in question, Nicandra "Nicky" Diaz lied on an employment questionnaire. On the very first page of the questionnaire, under the question "Can you legally accept employment", Mrs. Diaz checked yes. You betcha! Sure I can!
Which, according to herself, is an out and out lie.
But enter the greatest ambulance chasing lawyer this side of John Edwards, Gloria Allred.
By sheer coinkidink, the day after a debate between Mrs. Whitman and Democrat gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown, Mrs. Allred (and believe me, the name fits!) trots out this Mrs. Diaz.
Oh, but the horror story Mrs. Diaz wants to tell.
How terrible it was to work for Mrs. Whitman. How she knew, knew that she was an illegal alien. And used that against her.
Funny that.
According to Mrs. Whitman, it was Mrs. Diaz who came to her in June of 2009 to admit that she had been lying about her immigration status. That she was, in fact, an illegal alien.
Now, I tend to believe that maybe Mrs. Whitman knew sooner than that time. And that maybe Mrs. Diaz did not want to make any trouble. At that time.
But if the linked document is accurate, then at the time of hire, Mrs. Whitman did not know of Mrs. Diaz immigration status.
Unless Mrs. Allred can come up with documents that Mrs. Whitman knew sooner that Mrs. Diaz was an illegal alien that should have never been hired in the first place, this is pure speculation.
And it also shows that when the chips are down for California Dems, Mrs. Allred can produce women that have an axe to grind.
Against Republicans.
Remember when Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger was running for governor in the 2003 recall election?
Well, the same Gloria Allred trotted out six gals that claimed they was sexually harrased by then Mr. Schwarzenegger.
Of course, it went nowhere.
But, a dent in the armor was done. And, Mr. Schwarzenegger was forced to talk about this at least a couple of days.
I think that Mrs. Whitman taking this charge head on, showing a document that does put some credibility issues against the accuser, Mrs. Diaz, will have this blow over.
It looks like a desperate attempt to change the discussion.
But, Allhapundit over at HotAir hits it out of the park:

One thing is certain, my friends: If Californians are so angry that Whitman used to employ an illegal that they’re willing to resign themselves to four more years of total control by the party that’s driven their economy off a cliff, well, good luck to ‘em.

Now as noted, Mrs. Whitman was not my first choice (again, don't blame me-I voted for Steve Poizner!), but she is a superior alternative to Mr. Brown, who had eight years to screw the pooch of the California people. Let us not give him another chance to screw us again.


Anonymous said...

Did you also notice the new big huge signs (very huge and bolted like the Berlin Wall to never come down, not even in an earthquake) adorning the front sides of all outdoor parks and plazas announcing $500 fines for outdoor smokers (of tobacco, not the other kind) - similar to how in olden days kings of the city put human heads up on poles around the city to remind everyone who was in charge and not to upset the party in power?

I guess not all those 80 and 90 year old poor Chinese people (who defy smoker logic and are still alive) occassionally seen smoking outdoors in Portsmouth Square haven't noticed the signs much, but then they probably grew up under Chairman Mao back in the old Red country and remember what it was like to enjoy freedom (in comparison to SF).

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Oops - that comment was meant for "A Weekend in San Francisco" - sorry.