Friday, August 16, 2013

Wanna Know Why Republicans Are Big Losers?

Ahh, now I have the hook for the lefties to troll here and think that I will give them something that they want.
Maybe that I changed on illegal immigration?
I am sure that many will think that I agree with the current RNC Chair Reince Priebus and this that he said in an interview with Business Insider:
“Using the word ‘self-deportation’ — it’s a horrific comment to make. I don’t think it has anything to do with our party. When someone makes those comments, obviously, it’s racist."

Of course now Mr. Priebus has to walk back on the racist thing. And Business Insider is oh so glad to oblige. And credit to keeping the original quote goes to Allahpundit over at
So Reince, may I call you by your first name?
So Reince, did you really, truly feel this way in 2012 when the Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, said this many, many times over the course of the campaign? If so, did you let him know, Reince? If so at what point? And Reince, what is horrible about the comment and or the term "self-deportation"?
Let me write this up front.
I don't think that self-deportation is a great term either. Not because it is racist. No the opposite for me. It was a politically correct way to say sure, I'll deport a fair amount of illegal aliens. Well,I won't really do it. See, they will come to the United States, look for work, can't find any and voila! They will just go back from where they came from. And that is how I will do some deportation.
When one has to over explain such a position, to use a consultant term, it sucks.
But to Mr. Priebus' point of it being racist or even horrible, it is not either. No, really, it is not.
After the loss in the 2012 presidential election campaign, Mr. Preibus and the GOP claimed that they wanted to hear from the grassroots. They sent out some mailers and or e-mails. I got an e-mail and it had a lot of questions. Some on illegal immigration. And what is the top priority in dealing with it. I believe that I answered what I have answered for 30 years now. We need border security first and foremost and nothing else matters until that goal is met. I am realistic and know that it will not be a hundred percent, but that there should be something in place that show tangible results.
I guess in Mr. Priebus' mind, that makes me a  . . .you know what is coming . . .a  . . .RAAAAACIST!
Again, dear readers, always remember that there are five a's in RAAAAACIST.
Oh, and while I think since he should know better, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) should have probably left out his comment of people that smuggle drugs, many illegal aliens, have the calves the size of cantaloupes, they point Rep. King was making is that because our border, both north and south, are so porous that drug smuggling can happen with little if any consequence.
But by what Mr. Preibus is suggesting, does he really care about what the rank-and-file Republican thinks on this issue? Or does he care about what the big-money donors, the left, and most importantly, the permanent Republican Consultant Class thinks on the issue? Oh, and why is this so damned important when we need to fight Obamacare?
Last question is an aside, but very much again the divide between the Republican Consultant Class and the rank-and-file.
But I think it is obvious that Mr. Preibus wants the cash and the accolades of the establishment rather than doing the right thing.
And this is why the Republicans are big losers.
I write this and say it time and again but, well let me highlight it so that Reince and the gang actually read this it might absorb in their craniums:

Republicans cannot out do Democrats on being liberal. If there is a Republican moderate and a Democrat, no matter where they are in the party, running for office in marginal districts, areas, whatever, people will vote for the Democrat. At least with the Democrat they know they will be getting a big-government type. With the moderate Republican, they think that candidate will lick that index finger, put it in the wind and go where ever that wind blows.

Reince, do you get it? Hey, Republican Consultant Class, are you actually reading and taking any of what a grassroots Republican voter thinks?
If you want to understand that you need to better reach Hispanic voters, it is not all about adopting the Democrat position. Because I refer you to what I wrote above. The thanks that the Republican party will get is a nice, big middle finger as Democrats will win many voters because they do not trust us and what we really think on the issue.
And here is a reality we conservatives and Republicans of all stripes better understand.
We will not, I repeat not, make any tangible gains with Hispanics in 2014 or beyond no matter what happens in the immigration debate.
The Republican party gets about roughly 30% of the Hispanic vote in any given election. All we need to do is expand that a few percent each election. Not by pandering on illegal immigration. But by getting really into the communities and speak to the people directly. No amount of pandering will work if we do not even bother to really go into so-called hostile territory and explain to the people why the Republican party is better for them than the Democrat party.
When the Republican National Committee chair can't even talk straight about illegal immigration and articulate a position that accepts some will be able to stay and become, eventually, American citizens and that we will have to forcibly deport a number of illegal aliens and create a real border security such as a real and virtual fence, we will be the losers we deserve to be.

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