Thursday, August 01, 2013

YES! Even More Updates On Filthy Filner!

Ooh boy! Our favorite perv Democrat mayor, Filthy Bob Filner of San Diego is a gift that keeps on giving and there are now two new updates for the gift closet.
First, I kid you not, Filthy Filner through his just as cretinous attorney, Harvey Berger, is now claiming that the city IS at fault because it did not give him the city required sexual harassment seminar within six months of his hire.
Uh, wasn't Filthy Filner elected by the people? Does an election make him nothing but an average city employee? Just askin'.
Well, Mr Berger seems to think so. And this is the reason, according to Mr. Berger, why the city should be liable and the taxpayers should pay him for his sage legal counsel.
A little wrinkle in the Berger move.
According to, there were several attempts to have Filthy Filner go through the sexual harassment seminar, but it was his office that cancelled the several attempts to have such a meeting. Maybe they were afraid that he would be able to teach the course himself.
OK, call me a little picky, but really, does a 70-year-old man really need to have such a course? Is there nothing that he learned in his 70 years on God's Green Earth that would at least suggest that he should not behave in such a manner around women?
I guess not.
Oh, and this one, this is so awesome.
It appears that the San Diego city attorney, Jan Goldsmith, a Republican FTR, issued an order that Mayor Filthy Filner should not be meeting with women alone until further notice.
The best part of this?
Filthy Filner tried to say that this was HIS own new policy.
Not only is this dude a perv, but a liar too!
Hence, it is why he is a politician, right?
I like this that Allahpundit wrote in the link:

This cretin would apparently rather cling to power, disgraced to the point where his own chief of staff advocates not letting him meet with women alone, then resign and repent.

Why is this douchbrain even pretending any more that he is mayor of San Diego?
Because even in his weakened state, it is all about the power.
Really, is is time at 70 years old to resign. You got caught and you should have been caught being a perv a lot sooner. But you were not. You need to care about someone other than yourself. After all, you have adult children and they are married and have children of their own. Is it better for them to know that their gramps is a perv or would it not be better to start your own rehabilitation with your family?
I mean, sure this is great for us bloggers, but there are real people and their lives are already in shambles.
It is time to stop giving us our gifts and time for you, Mayor Filthy Bob Filner, to resign as mayor for your own good and the good of San Diego.

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