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Confused About What Bathroom To Use? Not To Worry If You Are A California School Student

I tell you loyal readers, I have never been more embarrassed to be a Californian as I am today as my state will, as of next year, allow "transgendered" K-12 students to use whatever restroom they so choose and whether or not the want to go out for the boys or girls sports team.
Of course, it all depends on how they feel any given day, right?
Here is the funny thing.
There really is nothing that I read about the legislation, signed by Gov. Jerry Brownout, that really defines how much one is or is not "into transition" from one sex to the other.
So, before we go on, it is very important to define terms. Because being transgendered is different from being a transsexual.
Let's go to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.

Transgender (adjective) : of, relating to, or being a person (as a transsexual or transvestite) who identifies with or expresses a gender identity that differs from the one which corresponds to the person's sex at birth.

Transsexual (noun) : a person who strongly identifies with the opposite sex and may seek to live as a member of this sex especially by undergoing surgery and hormone therapy to obtain the necessary physical appearance (as by changing the external sex organs)
It is very, very important to get the terms straight, so to speak.
Being a transgendered person does not mean that person will go all the way and become a person of the opposite sex that they were born as. The so-called transition can be quick or a very long time depending on the person. And the reality is that it may very well be a feeling of the moment and not the life-changing experience that becoming transsexual is.
OK, now that is out of the way. Again, it is important to understand why this is insanity.
First, what are the actual statistics as to how many California K-12 students are transgendered? Well, the article does not say and it is rather impossible to find out online as there are over 13,000,000 possible matches. After 10 pages of searching, I gave up. Maybe the reason that we are not told is because the number is beyond infetesibly small and probably the overwhelming number of that are high schoolers and not kindergartners.
So, with no stats easily at one's disposal as to how many transgenders this effects, what is the rationale for this legislation?
Here is Evan Westrup, a spokesman for Gov. Brownout:

"All students should have the opportunity to fully participate and succeed in school."

I agree with that. Yes, all students should have the opportunity to participate and succeed in school.
But where one goes to the bathroom or decides upon their frame of mind any given day what sports team that they may want to try out for really affect full participation?
Not at all.
After all, in regards to the sports teams, coaches will supposedly still get to determine who makes the cut to be on any team.
And there are such things as unisex bathrooms. In fact they are given such names as family restrooms. That is so a dude can take a baby in a restroom to change a baby's diaper and vice-versa. Then said parent does not have to be worried about going into their gender-specific restroom and deal with junior or juniorette.
So, I don't buy that reason at all.
But leave it to the bill's sponsor, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco-of course!) to explain yet another rationale behind this legislation:

"While many California schoolchildren are already protected by policies in some of our biggest school districts, other districts don't seem to understand that transgender students should have equal access to all programs and facilities."

Ahh, Assemblyman Ammiano hits on something that statists do not like.
Letting local school districts determine such policies.
I know for many outside of Cali, it is hard to believe but there are conservative parts of the state. The Central Valley is one. Much of inland No Cal. And yes, always Orange County in So Cal.
The statists who in this case are pushing the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered/sexual polices, better known as LGBT want the power of the state, in this case, California, to supplant that of local school boards because without that, they will not force the conservative or traditional parts of California to "come along" with this particular agenda.
And they are right.
No one in the conservative or traditional parts of California want to shove their agenda on this issue down the throats of the people in places like Los Angeles or San Francisco as they are to them.
But that is of no concern to those pushing this agenda faster than a runaway freight train.
But the one thing that is totally laughable in defending this embarrassing legislation is this from the San Francisco Examiner:

Supporters said it will help reduce bullying and discrimination against transgender students.

Sorry, I have to clean the coffee stains off the computer keyboard from the laugh over that one.
Really, singling out transgender, as this legislation does, is going to reduce bullying and discrimination?!
Have any of these douchbrains been to school, ever? No really, have they?!
I mean, bullying and discrimination have gone on, well forever and will continue to do so whether they like it or not.
As far as the bullying, that is kid-oriented. There are always going to be kids that harass others. No matter all the PSA's and the "shaming", it is something that is for some a strange rite of passage. I do not get it. But as the victim of and yes, even participant in bullying, it is not just going to go away because LGBT activists want it to.
When I was bullied in school I was taught to let it go until it got physical. Then I could fight back and fight back hard. Eventually, I found someone less than me, in my school mind of mush, I could harass. Never got violent or anything like that. But I realized at a point how wrong I was for doing that. I did so on my own and stopped doing it. I am not proud to admit that here, but it is what happened with me.
The reason I even mention my own experience is that for the transgendered, they need to realize that not everyone is going to be down with them. If it was not for being transgendered, there could be a million, nonsensical reasons. But the one thing that they need to be taught is that. And also to have a beyond thick skin. For you cannot force people to like you. And if harassed to the point of violence, what I do not advocate but I do live in the real world, fight the hell back. Trust me, the bully will stop when confronted back. It is not what they really want and or expect.
As far as discrimination, sorry but again in K-12, that too is student-led.
By discrimination, I mean who can be a part of a school-sanctioned club. And who people choose to be friends with or not. Like bullying, there is a pecking order in school.
There are the jocks, the cheerleaders, the geeks/nerds, the stoners, and I can go on but you get the picture.
Like anything else, they are not going to suddenly say welcome to the transgendered in a group just because one is.
I also want to point out that this is a direct result of dealing with one's feelings over reality.
For those that are wondering if they really are a gal trapped in a dude's body or vice-versa, it is probably very traumatic. But it can also be just a stage as well. It should not be taken lightly by a child and or parent. It takes a lot of therapy, all the things to determine if it is really something a kid really understands and wants. If Johnny wants to play with Barbies and Janie wants to play baseball, it does not mean that they are trapped in a wrong body. One cannot and should not take that to mean that said kid needs to become transgendered and then transsexual.
And one more thing.
Being transgendered does not mean that person is going all the way, again so to speak, to becoming transsexual.
That kid may just want to feel everything but fully the opposite gender. Maybe the boy does not want his member removed and turned into a vagina. Or a girl wanting her vagina turned into a penis.
So sometimes it should be left to people, not government, to deal with these very personal and traumatic issues.
But when there are votes to be had and a show of emotion, one can count on the liberal Democrats and their allies to whip up the populace in a frenzy and this is why I am embarrassed to be a Californian today.

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