Sunday, August 11, 2013

Filthy Bob Filner Is Cured! Hallelujah!

Well, the perv San Diego mayor is not really cured at all.
But he did check out of his "intensive" two-week therapy to cure him of his proclivity to sexually bother the opposite sex.
I guess then it only took a whole week of intense therapy to cure 70 year-old Filthy Filner of his sexual harassment of the ladies.
Somehow, I just do not think so.
But it does get more interesting as the locks of Mayor Filthy Filner 11th floor city hall office were changed.
And do not fear because it was Mayor Filthy Filner's chief of staff,  Lee Burdick, who had the locks changed. And you know why don't you? Well, lets let Mr. Burdick explain:

 "The fact is that I had the locks changed to protect the Mayor while he is away. My concern is/was that if anything was removed while the Mayor was away, it could raise all kinds of questions about preservation or spoliation of potential evidence. Because I could not possibly determine everyone who had keys, I believed it was necessary to ensure the integrity of his physical office in his absence. The Mayor will be given the keys upon his return."

So Mr. Burdick, why not just give the keys to a third-party, say the city attorney? I mean, I do know that CA Jan Goldsmith is a political opponent of Mayor Filthy Filner, but he is the city attorney and I do not doubt that he and or his office would have held the keys and provided them back upon his return.
This is upon the heels of Mayor Filthy Filner's support, such as it is, is eroding.
Senator Barbara Boxer and the last two supporters of the mayor on the San Diego city council, Myrtle Cole and Marti Emerald, called on the filthy one to resign.
I am hopeful that the real reason Mayor Filthy Filner left the intense therapy a week early is to resign office sometime this week.
I mean, how can he survive being mayor when the entire city council is calling on you to resign?
He cannot.
For some inexplicable reason, Mayor Filthy Filner is dragging out this affair needlessly. He has no support to speak of. He has already lost his fiancee. More and more women are coming forward to share their experiences of sexual harassment at the hands of Mayor Filthy Filner. At some point, some of these women will be from his days as a congressman. So it will not be a recent few but even many more should come out if he continues this ridiculous game he is playing.
But maybe, just maybe Mayot Filthy Filner is cured. And as such he can prove to the people of his city and beyond that all it takes to end years and years of being a perv is a week of intense therapy.
Somehow, I think that is not the case and expect Mayor Filthy Filner to resign sometime this week.

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