Friday, August 30, 2013

What Does Miley Cyrus Say About Us?

I can't say that I have followed the career of Miley Cyrus all that much.
I mean, of course I know of her. As Hannah Montana of the Disney Channel.
But something happened to that seemingly nice, sweet teen and now that she is an "adult".
Here is a photo of Miss Cyrus from 2012

Now in this photo, Miss Cyrus looks very attractive. Nothing wrong with her here. OK, maybe the dress, but I am just talking about her basic appearance.
This is a photo from her recent "performance" at the Video Music Awards
Beautiful! Just beautiful!
May I ask the obvious question here?
What the hell happened from that top photo to the bottom photo?
Well, here is something I will suggest.
The one-time Disney sweetheart is so untalented that she figures to keep the gravy train going for her and the Cyrus clan, she is reducing herself to twerking and slapping people's butts and calling it an entertaining performance.
That is a theory.
I mean, on the Hannah Montana show she portrayed a kind of split personality gal. Schoolkid by day, pop singer at night. I can think of worse things I guess. But for a show aimed at kids, it was probably cute and funny. I do not remember ever watching it.
The whole thing seems to be a sad descent no matter what. After all Miss Cyrus is only 20 years old. Yet something has happened along the way.
Can I blame both parents here and not just her famous daddy, Billy Ray Cyrus? I mean, it appears that all are dumping on him, but hey, isn't there a mom involved? Why yes there is and her name is Tish Cyrus. But judging from all of this, there appears to be not a stable family structure in the first place. I am kind of having trouble keeping up with who's who there. So I am going to suggest that both of these parents are very much dysfunctional people very wrapped up in the wrong things about life. Just sayin'.
Understand that the "performance" Miss Cyrus gave was a lot of things.
Misogynist is one.
Sexist another.
Maybe even racist as one of my friends on Facebook pointed out.
But who can even remember what Miss Cyrus sang?
Well, one thing is that both mommy and daddy seemed to be just oh so proud of their harlot-looking daughter.
Here is Tish Cyrus:

"I'm so proud of her, and just honestly, I'm in awe of who she's become as a performer."

Yes Tish, I can see she has done you proud. Would you be just as proud if she was "performing" that naked and the guy, was really doing something beyond the "Twerking"?
Hey Tish, wanna see some real performances, why don't you watch Dancing With The Stars? OK, maybe sometime they will get real stars, but some of the dance routines are what I would call sensual without being sexual. Yes there really is a big difference.
Oh, so how about daddy, Billy Ray? Well, he too is just so proud of Miss Cyrus:

"Thanking God for so many blessings tonight. Continue to pray for world peace. More love ...less hate."

That was a tweet of the proud papa.
As an aside, Mr. Cyrus was referring to the situation in Syria in regard to wanting world peace, more love and less hate. This dude should replace John Kerry as our secretary of state. No, seriously.
Well Mr. Cyrus seriously does have this to say about his daughter:

"She's still my little girl and I'm still her dad regardless how this circus we call show business plays out. I love her unconditionally and that will never change."

One of the tragedies of today's culture is the loving your children unconditionally.
Seriously, if you knew that your child killed someone for no reason, would you maintain that love to the point of delusion? Mrs. RVFTLC and I have told our son that our limit is just that. If we knew he did something so horrific, it would be a rush to see who could call the authorities first.
There is not one thing wrong if Mr. Cyrus were to be a little parental rather than a pal to Miss Cyrus. In other words he kind of sort of knew what she was doing. He could have suggested that maybe it would be better to tone it down yet make it entertaining. No indication that he did. And mom, well neither did she try to suggest to tone it down.
See fame is more important than being a parent to these two parents.
They seem to think that Miss Cyrus being perceived as nothing more than a tramp is A-OK for at least people will know who Miss Cyrus is.
Oh, as one aside, Mr. Cyrus is on the advisory board of the Parents Television Council.
Is that not rich?
What does it say about us that with all going around in the world we are still talking about this, days after the event?
It says we are very conflicted on such things as freedom, sexuality and how we as a society treat women worse today as sexual objects than before the so-called women's lib movement.
First, I don't think most women's libbers really fought for women to be objectified sexual objects. I don't think that they fought to see women sell themselves out as gals like Miss Cyrus are doing. I think that they fought for women to be free from such bad things.
Second, Miss Cyrus sends a bad message about sex in general. That it is so cool and that there are and should not be consequences about having casual and meaningless sex. Sure, it has always been with us but only since technology has so advanced do we a society seem to think that there is nothing wrong with it.
Third, true freedom is not doing just what you want as an individual. True freedom is realizing your role in other people's lives.
To me, this whole family could use a little guidance and that not everything is OK. That somethings can be cool and yet left to the imagination.
And we need to stop saying that anything goes. For I know that is not true. We are better than that.

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