Thursday, August 01, 2013

Hey Jim Brulte, What Are You Going To Do About This?

Just as I think that the Cali GOP is beginning a revival with an important win in a state senate special election, this article in today's Left Angeles Times kind of puts the kibosh on that.
Not one supposed serious GOP contender for the state constitutional offices has more than $50,000 cash on hand. Yet Gov. Jerry Moonbeam Brown already has a war chest of $10,000,000.
Ten million dollars to $45,000 for the leading GOP candidate, supposedly, former Lt. Gov. Abel Maldondo?
If that keeps up, might as well not run any GOP candidate and give that and all the other constitutional offices back to the Democrats.
I am not saying that money is everything. But let's face it in a state in which registered Democrats are almost 2-1 against Republicans, it would sure help to know that leading candidates are making their intentions known in a better financial manner than they currently are.
Which brings me to the Cali GOP chair, Jim Brulte.
My question is this Chairman Brulte.
What are you going to do about it?
I mean, it is great that you spent a lot of money to get the great Andy Vidak win in state senate district 16, but do you realize how weak our bench is for everything else?
Is Abel Maldonado going to be the best we have to take on Gov. Moonbeam Brown? I think not.
And while I really like Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, I am realistic enough to know that he will not be able to win the general election if he should become the GOP nominee.
So who would be a choice to look at?
Once again I would love to see former congressman David Dreier as a candidate. He is conservative. Maybe gay, but I don't care. Has always been a great face for the GOP on television. Is not rough around the edges as Assemblyman Donnelly. Not a squish like Mr. Maldonado. Mr. Dreier is a great potential choice who would be able to keep up financially with Gov. Moonbeam Brown. And he would be awesome in a debate with the current governor.
And do we have anyone running for the thankless job of lieutenant governor? The Times article does not indicate that to be the case.
Same for attorney general.
The only other race that there is a Republican showing any interest is for the secretary of state. And that is Pete Peterson who heads the Davenport Institute and Pepperdine University.
The Davenport Institute? Yep, I had to look that up. And Mr. Peterson seems to be conservative enough. The good thing is if there are up to five Democrats running for that office, the primary could be ugly enough that Mr. Peterson ends up in second place. But because of the uniqueness of our current primary system, the downside is that two Democrats could be in the general election in November 2014.
Seriously, what Mr. Brulte needs to do, and he maybe doing so but way, way under the radar, is finding candidates willing to compete for all the constitutional offices. As well as all the assembly seats and the 20 state senate seats due for election in 2014.
If the Cali GOP can not do any of the above, the the problems are much deeper than anyone realizes.
Winning one state senate seat is not enough Chairman Brulte. We as a party need to show commitment to competing and yes, winning not just legislative seats but really big elections such as the governor's office. We tried the millionaire gals in 2010 and that did not go well at all. There is a bench and I am hoping that you are trying to coax some to run for office.
There is no faster way to accelerate a party's decline than to give up before even trying.
So, Cali GOP Chairman Jim Brulte, what are you going to do about this?

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