Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When You've Lost Hooters . . .

In more of the San Diego Mayor Filthy Bob Filner file, it appears that he is no longer welcomed at a rather unusual restaurant, considering their own reputation.
Four of the local Hooters restaurant have pulled the welcome mat out from under Filthy Filner and said that he is not welcomed at their restaurants. Here is what is being posted in front of the four Hooters, just in case Filthy Filner should try to show up:

Like I write, for Hooters to remind Mayor Filthy Filner of this is amusing yet a sign that this sleazebucket has worn his welcome and it is time to go. But it seems like he either is delusional or does not realize the mess that he is in and embarrassing the city that he so wants to govern at all costs.
But just in case you are unfamiliar about Hooters, here is a photo of what the waitresses, yes only waitresses kids, look like at work.
Yes, they are attractive and pretty scantily clad. Oh by today's lowering standards, they are practically dressed as nuns. But nonetheless, they have rankled the ire of Feminazi groups pretty much since they came on the scene.
So it is rich that they come out in essentially dissing the reprobate Mayor Filthy Filner.
And in a serious note, understand that Mayor Filthy Filner has no support of his city council. One way to ratchet up bipartisanship! And add another former San Diego mayor to the list calling for Mayor Filthy Filner to resign.
Mr. Wilson is one of the most respected mayors San Diego has ever had. He led probably the last scandal-free administration in the city. Scandal and San Diego go hand in hand. Also a way of bipartisanship!
That Mr. Wilson is giving his thoughts now show that this is a pile on. He could have chimed in a lot earlier, but my though is that he was hoping that he would not have to. But he can't continue to watch the city that he loves continue down this path. And this quote from the linked article is spot on:
“It has been all consuming, and I have no idea whether we’ve seen the last of it yet.”
And that is why Mayor Filthy Filner must and has to do the right thing.
If you lose Hooters after all . . .
*I know , Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed to be a Republican, but he is not even a RINO!  



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