Tuesday, September 03, 2013

In The End Ariel Castro, The Creature, Was Nothing But A Coward

This is breaking news as I type this but the convicted kidnapper of three Cleveland, Ohio teens who held them prisoner in his home for a decade, Ariel Castro, who I refer to as The Creature, has committed suicide.
According to the link, The Creature was found hanging in his cell at an Ohio state prison in Orient. Of course measures were taken to try to revive The Creature, but they proved fruitless and he was pronounced dead at 9:20pm local time.
The Creature pleaded guilty to kidnapping Amanda Berry, Gina De Jesus and Michelle Knight and holding them prisoner in his home for over a decade. Miss Knight was held the longest and was pregnant five times at the hands of The Creature. And each time The Creature beat her just enough to induce miscarriages.
Rather than rehash the obvious, I wrote about it here once The Creature made his plea to avoid the death penalty.
In the end, The Creature proved to be a coward.
He could not hack the fact that he would be subjected to the kind of life that he perpetuated on Misses Berry, De Jesus and Knight.
So he saved the taxpayers of Ohio some cash and carried out his own death sentence.
And proved to be the coward he was.

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