Monday, September 23, 2013

A Terror Attack In Kenya And A 1990s Movie

The minute that I heard about the Islamofacist assault on an upscale shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, a movie came to mind.
That would be The Siege, a mid 1990s movie that is worth watching for it deals with Islamofacists (before 9/11) committing terror attacks in the United States.
It does go a wee bit off the rails because it implies that the president of the United States can declare martial law any time, anywhere in the United States. That is not true as it would take congress to approve such an action.
But I digress.
The movie deals with acts of Islamofacist terror at an escalating rate that culminates with the destruction of the New York City FBI headquarters and over 600 casualties.
And what happened in Nairobi?
An attack that engulfed an entire shopping mall and as of this writing is still possibly going on as information regarding the government soldiers and the terrorist fighting is still very confusing.
Remember another attack in Nairobi in the 1990s?
Yes that is when the United States embassy was bombed there as well as Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on the same day.
That caused 297 deaths and over 4,000 injuries.
But one of the attacks occurred in Kenya. Kenya is a Christian majority nation that borders Somalia, an apocalyptic land in which the majority are adherents to Islam. But, sadly, the overwhelming majority are the victims of the radical Islamics that have taken advantage of the anarchy that is Somalia.
One of those groups is al-Shabaab and it is believed that they took part in the attack.
Yes, al-Shabaab is just one of those misunderstood terror groups under Islam, aka the Religion of Peace.
This is not to indict all Islamic people. Not in the least. But to point out that there is a strain of the religion that is, how does one say it, militant and extreme that it will even take on it's fellow adherents if they are not Islamic enough.
Kenya invaded Southern Somalia to  assist the latest fledgling attempt to empower a strong central government and rid the nation of such terrorists.
And of course, al-Shabaab is not happy with that at all. So what if these people are not just waging their jihad within Somalia proper? So what if they would wage their jihad within the borders of Christian Kenya? After all, they should not resist the wonders of the Religion of Peace, right? Especially those rules and laws under Sharia, right?
So why did this terrorist assault remind me of a movie?
Because of this.
A terrorist act occurred on United States soil. Some people were convinced that it was a one-time event, little if anything to worry about. Some saw a larger more sinister picture. And the latter group was correct. And the one event, the bombing of the FBI office in New York City, the president wanted to clamp down and get those responsible. And, unconstitutionally, declared martial law and pulled an FDR Islamic style and rounded up Islamic males and interring them in camps in Brooklyn, New York.
Or the way to look at it is that there were some that believed there was an enemy and we have to fight them.
And of course there were those that felt it was a police action and up to law enforcement and "the system" to take care of things.
And that is what is going on right now.
Because too few people actually listened to former President George W. Bush when he said over and over again that the War Against Islamofacist Terror would be a long one. That more than likely there would not be the parade down Broadway in Manhattan, New York as was the case at the end of World War II in Europe. And that there would be different ways to deal with different situations. To be blunt, these are the people that don't want to fight the terrorists. They believe that at best it is a law enforcement and court issue.
And does anyone really think that the events unfolding in Nairobi will not happen at some point here in the United States? How about Islamofacists running up and down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California asking people if they are Islamic and can recite a certain prayer and if so, they live but the others are shot to death? Or maybe any other upscale area in the United States?
I am here to tell you that it WILL at some point happen in the United States, It is only a matter of time.
The question is will you be willing to take the fight to the radical Islamics and kill them or treat such matters as a law enforcement situation and those that may commit the act live and get their day in court.
And somehow I thought of a movie because it is indicative of how it thinks about the War Against Islamofacist Terror.

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