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October 1, 2013 The Date Of Infamy And The Begining Of Obamacare

October 1, 2013 is the big day for all the fans of socialized medicine, American style.
It it the day that Americans can begin the process of signing up for one of the programs in the exchanges that are supposed to insure all Americans one way or the other.
Remember the former speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-of course-Cal.) telling us that the bill, known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, had to be passed so we can see whats in it?
Well, it has passed and the important milestone will begin on the a fateful Tuesday in October.

Of course this is if there is no funding for Obamacare.
But since it will happen more than likely, today my local fishwrap, the Pasadena Star-News, did a whole comprehensive section on the impact of this monstrosity will have and especially here in California.
In that special section is this chart that explains the four levels of the exchanges that will be offered to uninsured Californians.
Here is the chart:

OK, now we have a chart and it shows four "metals" plans ranging from the low-end Bronze to the high end Platinum.
Here is something neat about these plans.
All still make the insured pay out of pocket costs as high as 40%.
So lets take a peek at this chart I made
    • Bronze plan covers 60% of costs and the insured has to pay 40% of expenses.
    • Silver plan covers 70% of costs and the insured has to pay 30% of expenses.
    • Gold plan covers 80% of costs and the insured has to pay 20% of expenses.
    • Platinum plan covers 90% of costs and the insured has to pay 10% of expenses.
Well, I suppose that sounds pretty good. In fact, much of that is what we have had now under different insurance companies and plans.
Look at the first chart because it is important to see what kind of coverage and costs one can attain.
If you are one that ends up with the Bronze, you will have a $5,000 deductible for medical and prescription medicine. And Silver is a little better with a $2,000 deductible. And speaking of medicines, the price of medications will be, after meeting the $5,000 in the Bronze and $250 in the Silver, will be $50 or $75. Oh yeah, and if you are on the low-income scale, you will still have to pay possibly $2,100 or $175 a month. That is after government assistance and or subsidy.
Uh, this is supposed to be affordable health care, right? I mean its not supposed to be quality healthcare for the uninsured or low income, right?
Because quite honestly, it is not.
Note that a lot of large companies are changing many employees hours to part-time status and they will not have to offer any kind of healthcare coverage whatsoever.
So if one works at a retail establishment, their once full-time jobs are now part-time jobs, minus that money is somehow supposed to pay the monthly premiums under even the least amount of coverage?
How does that work?
Well one of the big business making the dump, Trader Joe's market is going to offer a one time assist of about $500 so that part-timers can transition into the government exchange. But after that year and said employee is still part-time and still working for TJ's?
Ever heard the acronyn SOL*?
That will be the case for many employees that will get hours cut and have to pay even after government assistance and or subsidies. And not all companies will be as generous as TJ's dumping their employees in government exchanges. Not all employees will get the kind of deal that TJ's is going to do to assist those part-timers into government exchanges.
The reality is that this whole scam is the bridge to the eventual goal of the statists.
And that, my friends, is going to fundamentally change everything about healthcare in the United States.
Not that this monstrosity will not do so.
Here is a huge problem that the advocates do not explain rationally.
In this article from the Star-News special section, what is being done is the biggest sales job to convince young people, 18 to 34 year-olds to sign up for one of the plans.
Hold the front door!
Under the dreaded PPACA, a young person can be covered under their parents health insurance. So if said persons 26 and under are already covered, why in the hell do they want to sign up for their own healthcare? They can live at home, take their time with college and maybe start working when they are 26. There is no incentive for them to do so. And thus more pressure falls on 27-34 year-olds to fund the whole scam to pay for the old people.
Get the point?
The whole balance is having the young and abled-bodied pay for the old and essentially everyone else. Yet the brain trust behind this abominable legislation set it up for failure by already taking a whole group of the young out of the picture.
It is what happens when government gets so involved in something that it knows not one damn thing about.
You can't ask group A to cover for group B when you take a large portion of group A out of the picture.
The most telling comment in all that I read in this special section today is the last linked article in which the gentleman in charge of selling Obamacare in California, Peter Lee, said this:
“If the Affordable Care Act doesn’t work in California, it won’t work in America.”
And it won't work in California. And it won't work in America.
*-SOL-S**t Out Of Luck
**Single-payer heatlth insurance- Socialized medicine.

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