Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gun Grabbing State Senators Recalled In Colorado

They thought that they could ram multiple gun control measures in Colorado and not face consequence, but last night two Democrat state senators paid the price as they were recalled and replaced by gun-rights Republicans.
State senator John Morse, the Democrat president of the state senate and state senator Angela Giron were recalled for forcing through a slew of gun control measures that were clear over reactions to the movie theatre masacare in Aurora and the masacare of children in Newtown, Connecticut.
Even a fellow Democrat state senator, Lois Tochtrop, warned that the measures were too much.
Here is what she said, prophetically.

"I feel like all these gun bills have done-to quote the last words in the movie Tora! Tora! Tora!-is to awaken a sleeping giant."

And of course she was correct.
And here is the carnage for each candidate.

Senate District 11, recall of John Morse
Yes 51%
No 49%
Senate District 3, recall of Angela Giron
Yes 56%
No 44%

And here is the scary part for Democrats.
State Sen. Giron was in a more Democrat district than Sen. Morse. And she lost by a wider margin. I think Sen. Morse had the fact that he was the senate president going for him and thus it was a closer race.
But no matter, these two defeats made the Democrat hold on the state senate a tenous one at a one-seat majority. All it takes is one flip of party to have a tie and one more to put it in Republican control.
I do not think that either will happen.
But what will happen is that more than likely the Democrats will lose the state senate outright at the polling booth. As well as the state House of Represenatatives. And probably the governor's mansion as current Gov. John Hickenlooper, the worst named governor in the United States, is dropping in the polls and Republicans are falling all over themselves to run against the governor.
Much of the gun legislation of the past year throughout the United States was a reaction to each other. Some states tightened already strict laws while others made it easier to obtain a gun. A classic Blue-Red divide.
But Colorado has a long libertarian sreak and that was what made many surprised how the legislature and governor, who was cautious in the early days of the Aurora move house masacare, went after guns with a vengeance.
After all, this is one of two states that the voters okayed the essential legalization of marijuana.
But the one Democrat that respects her voters is Sen. Tochtrot. She voted against five of seven gun-grabbing laws.
The left-wing of the Colorado Democrat party, not so much.
Again, they basically suspended all legitimate debate and rammed the bills through. It is what Dems do when they want something badly about at all levels of government.
And this is the result of that kind of governing.
When the GOP does take back the legislature and the governor's mansion, they will roll back if not rescind much of the laws. After all, they can't run a recall that proved to be sucessful and just let it be.
A lesson for the Republicans nationwide is to fight and fight hard to win elections. Because while this recall and rhe election of two Republicans feels good, it was because the people said enough is enough.
The sleeping giant, the people, are awakened.

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