Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dems Mad At Losing Colorado Recall Vote

The Democrats at all levels are upset that two state senators in Colorado were recalled for their endorsement of a slew of gun control legislation.
What a shock!
But the reason that they are giving is sooooo rich.
Colorado Democrats were clearly already worried that they were losing so they started the meme that it was voter suppression.
Voter suppression?!
So how was that done?
Well because for one, a court decision made the elections ones where one had to actually show up to an actual voting booth.
How awful! Awful if people really cared about the vote, they would have to actually show the hell up to vote. That they could not in between sparking up a doobie* vote and if in the right frame of mind mail the ballot.
Not that there is any possibility of voter fraud, right?
Do read the other link for even the dim DNC chair, Congressman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, is trotting out the voter suppression meme.
It was a recall election. And the voters that cared would have got off their rumps and voted. Whether early voting or on the actual election day, they would.
A clue here.
No matter how easy and slippery voting can be made, the reality is that there is still a wide swath of people that will just not vote no matter what.
So Dems, stop with suggesting the reason two Democrat state senators in Colorado lost their recall elections is because of some mythical voter suppression.
The reason that they lost is because voters did not like their votes on gun control. Some state citizens got enough signatures, per the Colorado state constitution, to launch a recall election. And they won the recall.
Gee, maybe it is the policies that got them in trouble. Maybe THAT is the reason that they lost.

*-smoking marijuana.

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